Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduces and sees the return of many beloved NPCs, with some earning a place closer to players’ hearts than others. When one thinks of The Legend of Zelda, the titular Zelda, along with Link and Ganon, are the first characters that come to mind. However, there are quite a few supporting characters in the age-old quest to save the princess and the world at large.

With Link being the ever-stoic and silent protagonist, having a memorable supporting cast is important in building them up as a hero and the very world of Zelda itself. Across the entire Zelda franchise, many have favorite NPCs, and Breath of the Wild calls into question which NPCs deserve a spot among the greats of Zelda lore and which will be forgotten in the fields of the Kingdom of Hyrule before the player has even finished conquering Ganon.

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10 Pikango

Pikango from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild paints a nearby structure.

Pikango serves to remind players to never give up on their dreams, even if their dreams are to be a world-renowned painter, and they have no skill at painting whatsoever. In the dark parts of Breath of the Wild, Pikango adds some much-needed humor and light to the stable sides’ as Link adventures through Hyrule.

More than just a reprieve from more stressful bouts of adventure, Pikango also provides hints to the player to find the location of the memories that were previously only shown by an image in the Sheikah Slate, which has been compared to Pokémon Legends Arceus‘ Arc Phone. His lighthearted reminder to keep believing in the player’s dreams, along with providing assistance with a key mechanic to unlock the more intense and emotional stories in the game, make Pikango an NPC to remember in Breath of the Wild.

9 Paya

Paya from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild stands with a fist to her chest.

While Zelda provides fans with quite a few memorable introductions, there are few that will be remembered as hilariously as Paya’s. From the moment she lays eyes on Link, Paya becomes inexplicably embarrassed and cowers at the sight of him. This becomes tenfold if the player were to undress Link and interact with Paya, a horror that she never imagined would come to pass.

It’s true that Paya doesn’t hold much utility for gameplay or progression, but she has become a staple in Breath of the Wild meme culture, with players posting clips of their reactions to meeting Paya and snooping through her journal. The community has always been a huge part of the Zelda community, with Paya contributing a great deal to that since her debut, making her an NPC that will be cherished by the community for plenty of time to come.

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8 Kilton

Kilton from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild discusses how scary Link's

Part of Breath of the Wild‘s charm, and that of Zelda as a whole, lies in just how weird it can get. Kilton is the very epitome of all that is weird in Breath of the Wild, creating an entire currency system of monster parts, so he can peddle his monster wares and stockpile limbs of the monsters he asks Link to mercilessly hunt down.

While most games come with their odd quirks, such as GTA Online weirdly being a great holiday game, Zelda games are known for having some very eccentric characters in their repertoire. Kilton is an ode to all that is weird in Zelda, making him somehow very nostalgic to returning players. To add to this nostalgia, Kilton also sells armor from past games, such as the infamous Dark Link armor from Ocarina of Time. With all this in mind, Kilton is deservedly one of the best NPCs in Breath of the Wild, with mechanics that set him up for a potential return in future titles.

7 King Rhoam Bosphoramus AKA Old Man

King Rhoam from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild discusses the past with Link.

Old, wise men have been a reoccurring feature of many Zelda games, with one in the original The Legend of Zelda giving Link his very first Master Sword. Not only does this remind players of the classic “it’s dangerous to go alone,” line, but King Rhoam Bosphoramus serves much the same purpose and more as this iconic moment.

Creating a memorable and fun video game tutorial is no easy task, but Breath of the Wild accomplishes this seamlessly with King Rhoam by the player’s side. Guiding Link through the mechanics that make BOTW the game-changing accomplishment it is, the player also unravels the story of the Old Man at their side. Eventually, it is revealed that the Old Man is actually King Rhoam Bosphoramus of Hyrule, and Link is told the tearful story of his regret in not protecting his daughter, Zelda, who then passes the torch onto Link. Such an epic and heartfelt moment so early in the game sets the player up for a story and game that will never be forgotten in gaming history.

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6 Mipha

Mipha from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reminisces fondly with Link.

Arguably one of the most heartbreaking NPCs in the game, Mipha has a story quite unlike any of the other champions. Unlike these notoriously annoying video game NPCs, Mipha is beloved by many who have played through BOTW. Her presence continues to hold strong in Zora’s Domain, with nearly every NPC there having a kind word to say about the former princess.

Mipha’s backstory reveals a deep friendship and love for Link, whom she was on the precipice of a proposal before her untimely fate. Her love for Link is so powerful, that the unique ability she grants to Link, aptly named Mipha’s Grace, allows for Link to have a second chance at life after running out of health. This invaluable ability, along with the heartrending flashbacks and backstory, makes Mipha a heroine that will not easily be lived up to.

5 Beedle

Beedle from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild rests in an inn while noting Link's frequent visits.

Originating in The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, Beedle has become a staple of the Zelda series and his portrayal in Breath of the Wild is no better than ever. On par with Resident Evil 4‘s iconic merchant, Beedle is one of the most beloved characters in the Zelda games, with his iconic exasperation never failing to get a smile.

Just as with past games, Beedle cares so incredibly much about his customers. This is never more apparent than in the vast world of Breath of the Wild, where Beedle will chase down the player to give them a chance to browse his wares. No matter the grim world that surrounds him, Beedle always has a cheery demeanor when he crosses Link’s path, carrying trinkets and items that may very well save his life along with him.

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4 Urbosa

Urbosa from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gestures to Link while Zelda leans on her to rest.

Urbosa is one of the four fallen champions before Calamity Ganon sinks his teeth into the lands of Hyrule. She gained much acclaim for her magnetic personality and incredible power, earning her a well-deserved spot as a “boss lady,” alongside some of the most powerful women in video games.

Surprisingly, given her somewhat macho persona, Urbosa’s biggest strength lies in her relationship with the titular Zelda. Having lost her mother at a young age, Urbosa steps in to fill the maternal void Zelda has in her life. Without Urbosa, one could argue that Zelda would have never found her own strength and powers to defeat Ganon, as Urbosa was the only person she could turn to about real fears and desires that held her back from her full potential.

3 Kass

Kass from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild turns to see who approaches while playing his accordion.

Breath of the Wild received a lot of mixed reviews about the game’s music, or lack thereof, compared to previous titles. While many grew to appreciate the more subtle melodies, its full impact was felt when a player came across the accordion-playing Kass. Not only did the sounds of Kass’ accordion let the player feel relief that a friend was nearby, but it also promised adventure.

Much like some Redditors love certain Dungeons and Dragons NPCs, Kass became beloved for his companionship and tough puzzles. Some players spent hours trying to decipher Kass’ riddles, which rewarded them with the highly sought-after shrines. At its core, The Legend of Zelda games are built on puzzles. Kass is a unique addition to this history of puzzle-making, turning these riddles into much-needed music and friendship.

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2 Prince Sidon

Sidon from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild points to himself with gusto as he introduces himself.

The first journey through Breath of the Wild can seem daunting for most, as there are few other open-world games that compare in size. However, the game does gently steer the player towards Zora’s Domain, where Link is soon greeted by the charismatic Prince Sidon, who is revealed to be the brother of the fallen champion Mipha. While Prince Sidon does not remember much of his sister, he can be seen mourning at her statue and often speaks about making her proud. Just like the Nintendo Switch games that are more complex than they appear, the impact of Prince Sidon is unexpected by most.

Battling through a torrential downpour of rain, Prince Sidon is always there to offer Link an encouraging smile. Prince Sidon is exactly the character a new player to BOTW needs, showing them that they can accomplish even the most disheartening of tasks. Prince Sidon’s depth of character, along with his perfect placement within the likely first course the player will make, introduces the player to the overall mood and fervor of the rest of the game, earning him a place among the most beloved characters of the entire series for many fans.

1 Princess Zelda

Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild stands at attention in her royal garb, with a troop of soldiers lining the wall behind her.

Breath of the Wild is far and away the most narrative-driven Zelda game of all time. As a result, we see one of the greatest incarnations of Zelda the series has ever seen. While the fate of Breath of the Wild‘s Zelda is up in the air, players can rest assured that the character development seen in this story will be the new standard for Zeldas to come.

Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild is truly a character for the ages, with failures, growth, insecurities, motivations, and love that is more relatable than any previous iteration of the titular character. Zelda also uses these humanistic qualities to unlock her inner power, which is a lesson that everyone could gain to learn from. The one downfall of such an incredible NPC existing in the past is that we don’t see enough of her, which will hopefully be corrected in the upcoming sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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