Wolverine Names The X-Men’s 4 Most Powerful Psychics

The X-Men have more psychics than any other superhero team, but even Wolverine knows that there are a few who are a cut above the rest.

In terms of psychic powerhouses, Marvel Comics’ X-Men may have more telepaths than any other superhero team. With heavy hitters like Emma Frost, Jean Grey, or Captain Britain, few foes can stand up to the mental might of the House of Ideas’ Merry Mutants. But some telepaths are more powerful than others, and the fan-favorite X-Man Wolverine knows exactly who’s the most dangerous.

Wolverine has had more than a few chances to study his teammates’ strengths and weaknesses. And while Logan treats the X-Men as his family, that doesn’t mean he leaves himself blind to potential threats. Luckily, that paranoia came in handy for him during the events of Avengers vs X-Men when he and his fellow heroes had to decide which telepaths to take out first – unwittingly establishing the X-Men’s top four psychic powerhouses in the process.


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Avengers #29 by Brian Michael Bendis and Walt Simonson finds the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes back on their heels and working out a plan to take down their Phoenix-empowered opponents. Spider-Woman recommends taking down the telepaths first, raising the question of who exactly can be considered the mutants’ big psychic guns. Wolverine simply states, “Emma Frost and Rachel Summers,” getting the telepathic power bracket off to a striking start.

X-Men Have More Telepaths Than They Know What To Do With

Wolverine X-Men Psychics

Though she’s dead at this point in publication history, it’s been stated on more than one occasion that Jean Grey’s telepathic powers far exceed those of Emma Frost. Likewise, this issue also finds the Avengers turning to Professor X himself in order to help subdue Rachel. And while there’s no official chart to rank these four telepaths’ power levels, it’s still pretty telling that Emma and Rachel were the threats Wolverine identified as the most pressing.

When discussing the four most powerful X-Men telepaths, including Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Professor X is to be expected, but the real pull here is Rachel Summers. As the most successful host of the Phoenix Force – as well as being Jean’s own daughter – Rachel’s abilities are nothing to be ignored. And the fact that Logan immediately identifies her as a greater threat than other popular telepaths like the Stepford Cuckoos or Betsy Braddock is about as close as fans can get to an official ranking on the one-time Phoenix’s dramatically underrated powers.

The X-Men are absolutely stacked with telepathic potential, and Rachel Summers is clearly one of their best and brightest. And while she may primarily be known as Cyclops and Jean’s daughter to non-X-Men-fans, that doesn’t diminish just how much she brings to the table. After all, if anyone would know who the most powerful and dangerous X-Men are, it’s Marvel Comics’ Wolverine.

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