Will Godwin’s Son Become King Of England In Vikings Valhalla?

Vikings: Valhalla season 2 revealed Godwin’s dream for his future son, as he wants him to be King of England – but will this happen in future seasons?

Warning: spoilers for Vikings: Valhalla season 2.

Vikings: Valhalla season 2 continues the story of Queen Emma (Laura Berlin) and Godwin (David Oakes) in England, with the latter sharing his dream of his future son becoming King of England one day, but will his son really become king? Vikings: Valhalla season 2 arrived with a couple of surprises, the biggest one happening in England with Emma and Godwin. With King Canute (Bradley Freegard) away defending Denmark, Godwin suspected someone wanted to kill Emma, and he successfully stopped a murder attempt, but that was actually part of a plan he came up with.


Godwin used his connections from his life in Sussex to plan Emma’s murder attempt so that he could stop it and thus gain favor with her and King Canute. The plan included the death of his fiancée Aelfwynn (Maria Guiver) as Emma tortured her for information, that way Canute would offer his niece, Gytha (Henessi Schmidt), in marriage to him as a sort of compensation for the pain Emma caused him. Godwin did all this in order to take the first steps towards making one of his dreams a reality: his future son becoming King of England. But will that really happen in Vikings: Valhalla at some point?

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What Happened To The Real Godwin & His Son

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The real Godwin benefited from Cnut’s rise to power in England following King Edmund’s death. Godwin was made Earl of Wessex, and he married Gytha Thorkelsdóttir, the sister of the Danish Earl Ulf, who was married to Cnut’s sister. Many years later, after Cnut’s death and his son’s (as well as those of Emma of Normandy) dispute for the throne, Aethereld’s son, Edward the Confessor, became King of England, and conflict with Godwin began. Edward ended up exiling Godwin and his sons, but they returned the following year with armed forces and his earldom was restored. Unfortunately, Godwin died suddenly a year after, so he didn’t get to see his son become king.

Godwin’s son, Harold Godwinson, succeeded his father as Earl of Wessex, and with time, the children of Godwin were on their way to take near-total overlordship of England, under the king. Harold succeeded Edward the Confessor and became King of England in 1066, and with his remaining brothers among his nominally loyal earls, the House of Godwin seemed to be about to make way for a multi-generational royal dynasty, but Harold was overthrown and killed in the Norman Conquest.

Will Godwin & Gytha’s Son Become King In Vikings: Valhalla?

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Although Vikings: Valhalla is based on historical records and real-life people, in only two seasons so far it has already built its own timeline that isn’t historically accurate. With that in mind, it’s tricky to say if the series will see Godwin’s son become King of England (supposing the series keeps getting renewed or there’s a major time-jump at some point), but if it chooses to be historically accurate on this, Godwin’s son will become King of England in Vikings: Valhalla, though not without some obstacles in the way, most likely from the sons of Emma and, if she and Canute have children, theirs as well.

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