Will Ferrell Invades Stranger Things, Squid Game & Bridgerton In Super Bowl Ad

Will Ferrell invades hit Netflix shows Stranger Things, Squid Game, and Bridgerton and barely makes it out alive in a new Super Bowl ad.

Will Ferrell joins hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Squid Game, and Bridgerton in a new General Motors Super Bowl ad. An extremely popular comedian and actor, Ferrell is no stranger to Super Bowl ads, having starred in a viral Old Milwaukee commercial in 2012 and a previous General Motors ad in 2021. Recently, Ferrell starred in the popular Christmas movie Spirited with Ryan Reynolds, and he is set to star in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie this summer.

General Motors and Netflix’s Super Bowl ad stands out among the many amusing pop culture-infused advertisements that aired this year, combining several popular Netflix properties with Ferrell’s comedic talents.

The lighthearted commercial brings Ferrell into several fictional worlds, most notably those of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Squid Game, and Bridgerton, appropriately dressed for the roles in the wardrobe of each series. The actor, clad as Dustin, even interacts with Stranger Things’ Erica (Priah Ferguson) in the ad as she hilariously tells Ferrell that his appearance is “ruining the show.” During his brief appearance in Squid Game, the actor moves during Red Light, Green Light and nearly meets his end.

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Will Ferrel playing Red Light, Green Light in Squid Game

Ferrell’s over-the-top comedic style, seen in his early Saturday Night Live appearances, has remained a hallmark of the actor’s throughout his decades-long career. With an impressive catalog that spans countless films and television episodes, including Elf, Anchorman, Step Brothers, The Office, 30 Rock, and many other titles, Ferrell is often a welcome addition to a comedic cast. His unexpected and hilarious delivery, witty one-liners, and proclivity for physical comedy have made many of his films popular among both audiences and critics.

Audiences have grown fond of Ferrell due to his comedic talents as well as his habit of portraying endearing and naive characters that viewers can’t help but root for, like Elf‘s Buddy. Over the years, Ferrell has also shown a willingness to branch out of his comedic comfort zone and take on a variety of projects in both the musical and dramatic realms, such as his recent role in Apple TV+’s The Shrink Next Door, and his range has even been awarded with several prominent award nominations. Ferrell’s versatility as an actor and talent for comedy have led to a considerable fan base that has continued to grow, which makes him the perfect celebrity to include in pop culture-centered advertisements.

Ferrell is set to star in this summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster Barbie alongside a star-studded cast including Margot Robbie, in which he will portray the CEO of a Toy Company. The actor will also appear in Strays as the voice of the scrappy terrier Reggie, with several other projects coming down the pipeline. While Ferrell will not be appearing in Stranger Things season 5, Squid Game season 2, or Bridgerton season 3, it is amusing to see the star inhabit those beloved worlds in his latest Super Bowl ad.

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