Why The Menu’s Chef Has An Exact Replica Of The Restaurant In His Home

In The Menu, no one is supposed to enter Chef Slowik’s home, but Margot discovers that it’s an exact replica of the Hawthorn restaurant.

Chef Slowik’s house is off-limits in The Menu, but when Margot disobeys the rule and goes inside, she discovers that it’s an exact replica of the Hawthorn restaurant. Entrusted with a storehouse key, Margot enters his house, shocked to find that she’s gone from one dining hall of horror into another. From floor to ceiling, everything is a mirror image, right down to the imposing silver door at the end of the hallway that she’s also not supposed to access.


Like the rest of the guests privileged enough to dine at Hawthorn, Margot has been treated to some of the most unique delicacies the culinary world has to offer, but her experience has been marred by Chef Slowik’s fanatical plan to murder them all. Resentful of the elite patrons who have ruined his joy of cooking, he’s resolved to take his revenge at the conclusion of the meal. Margot will only be allowed to leave if she can discover, perhaps inside his house, some way to appeal to his humanity. Mark Mylod’s thriller contains as many layers as one of Chef Slowik’s exquisite desserts, and the bizarre revelation about his house’s interior is one of the most fascinating.

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Ralph Fiennes as Chef Slowik talks to his maitre d in The Menu

The interior of Chef Slowik’s house looks exactly like the Hawthorn because the restaurant consumes every aspect of his life. He works grueling hours, using only the most pristine ingredients from around the island to ensure that his guests have an incomparable dining experience. Still, the process has had a malignant effect on him. Everywhere he looks, he can’t escape the torment that his life has become, which is what inspired the real plan at The Menu‘s heart.

While exploring his house, Margot comes across photographs of his life, including pictures of all the restaurants he’s cooked for. In the most prestigious ones, he has the same surly expression that she’s seen throughout dinner, but one photograph shows a young Julian Slowik smiling happily while flipping burgers. It’s clear that at one point, before the food he created became the fodder for pretentious food critics and content creators, his life was richer and more fulfilling.

Chef Slowik’s Success Turned Into A Prison

ralph fiennes as julian slowik in the menu

As he strived to make a name for himself in the food industry, Chef Slowik’s food became more impressive while at the same time devoid of emotion, the desire for accolades overpowering the simple joy of serving customers something delicious. Over time, the entrapment of customer expectations combined with the hollow realization of serving people who care more about clout than his creations drives Chef Slowik to want to kill everybody. Perhaps, if he’d had more of a work-life balance, and a bastion where he could recharge, he wouldn’t have had to.

The Menu is full of commentary on the fanaticism and perfectionism inherent to the food industry at the level Chef Slowik operates, so there could be no respite from his prison. Until, for a few brief moments, Margot craftily finds a way to serve him in some way, returning the joy of preparing food that he thought was gone forever. It comes too little too late for Chef Slowik, who is compelled to give his life while taking the lives of others, locked in the give-and-take nature of the industry upon which he’s made his legacy.

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