Why The Family Chantel’s Pedro & His Family Still Seem Like Villains

Some The Family Chantel fans still support Pedro Jimeno. However, others believe that he’s a villain, like his mother Lidia and sister, Nicole.

The Family Chantel season 4 ended its run months ago, but Pedro Jimeno and his family are still acting in ways that make them seem like villains. The former husband of Chantel Everett remains close to his younger sister Nicole Jimeno and their mother Lidia Morel, despite their rocky past. The show’s viewers have called out the entire Jimeno family trio, and labeled them villains for their ongoing behavior.

After rising to fame on 90 Day Fiancé, The Family Chantel‘s Pedro Jimeno become more famous, alongside Chantel. He was originally considered sympathetic, as he faced a lot of suspicion from his in-laws, and fought to be with Chantel. However, the Dominican Republic native suddenly turned on his wife during the most recent season. That installment saw him insulting her, and seemingly stepping out of their marriage. This led to Pedro becoming a true The Family Chantel villain over the summer. While he has since worked on rebuilding his image, some of his post-finale actions have landed Pedro and his family in hot water, and helped them to keep their TLC villain titles.


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The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno Insulted Chantel Everett

Pedro’s embracing his villain arc, although the former The Family Chantel star hasn’t shared really dramatic posts on social media. While Pedro is trying to re-brand himself as a dedicated real estate agent, he has thrown fuel on the villain fire with petty posts. One example is a lip-sync video from November, which saw Pedro saying he has, “better b*tches” after his divorce. Pedro left the video up, with the comments turned on, despite an outpouring of negative feedback. Fans didn’t like his post-divorce attitude. “NOT WITHOUT CHANTEL. Had to use a women to become who you are,” one angry commenter wrote, countering Pedro’s boasts about his success.

The Family Chantel’s Nicole Jimeno’s Accused Of Copying Chantel

The Family Chantel star Nicole Jimeno's Hair Makeover

While Pedro recently isolated himself from The Family Chantel fans, his sister Nicole has earned the wrath of viewers for many years. Recently, The Family Chantel viewers have expressed dismay and shock over Nicole’s new image on social media. The younger sister of Pedro has transformed her look as time’s passed, and now eerily resembles a copy of Chantel. Reddit user u/sunshiiine_bluskiess called out Nicole’s recent image in a post titled, “GOOD GRIEF NICOLE … this is crazy… she looks so much like chantel, i had to double back to make sure they had NOT got back together! weird.” Commenters dissed Nicole for seemingly copying Chantel. “Nicole’s trying to look like her brother’s ex-wife,” one user wrote, before calling Nicole, “insane.”

The Family Chantel’s Lidia Jimeno Never Redeemed Herself

lidia jimeno the family chantel on couch blue dress CROPPED

At the start, both the Jimeno and Everett families were called out by The Family Chantel fans, due to the rude way they behaved. However, while the Everett family members redeemed themselves, the Jimeno family members did not, especially when it came to the parents in the families. Karen and Thomas Everett proved that though they are overprotective, they truly love their children. However, Lidia has yet to have a redemption arc. Though she heard Chantel out during The Family Chantel season 4, she was too eager to scoop up the designer goods her daughter-in-law gave her. Now, Lidia follows Pedro’s rumored affair partner Antonella Barrenechea Streuli on social media. Lidia’s lack of growth, and her kids’ immaturity, has made many The Family Chantel viewers turn away from the Jimeno family.

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