Why It’s Good Jenna Ortega’s Ellie Didn’t Return In You Season 4

Jenna Ortega’s Ellie is not in You season 4 because of a scheduling conflict with Wednesday, however, this is actually a positive thing for You.

Jenna Ortega does not appear in You season 4, and that’s a good thing for this hit Netflix original. Between You and Wednesday, Ortega features in two of Netflix’s most successful original series, and her popularity has made her one of the streaming giant’s most important actors. Netflix is still largely focused on continuing to produce popular original series and movies in order to keep up with their streaming rivals, like HBO and Disney+.


Jenna Ortega’s role in You is certainly relevant, but it cannot compare to the value she brings to Wednesday, which has been smashing chart records for Netflix since its release. Ortega almost returned in You season 4, until Wednesday season 1’s filming became a scheduling conflict. Considering the value Ortega brings to Netflix with Wednesday and the nature of her lead role in the series, it is only logical that she spent her time filming Wednesday season 1 rather than You season 4.

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You Season 4 May Have Wasted Jenna Ortega’s Return With A Limited Role

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It would have been possible for Ortega to reprise her role as Ellie in some capacity for You season 4. However, with Wednesday season 1 taking up most of her time, it would have been a fairly limited role, which would be a waste of Ortega’s talent. While some fans likely want to see Ortega’s Ellie return for You season 4, it would have been difficult to make her a meaningful part of the plot with her tightly limited time frame. It is better to wait for a potential You season 5 return of Ortega’s Ellie so that she can play a bigger role and close out her story with Joe.

One added benefit of leaving Ortega’s Ellie out of You season 4 is that it allows the show to build suspense around Ellie’s character. In You season 3, Ellie reluctantly leaves Los Angeles after her sister, Delilah, disappears and Joe sends her money to live on. Ortega’s Ellie seems poised to return to the story at some point. In fact, her absence in You season 4 fits the plot because it allows the series to build on the suspense and mystery that follows Ellie’s You season 3 arc.

Why Jenna Ortega’s Ellie Should Return In You

Jenna Ortega’s Ellie should return to You at some point in the future because her personal popularity is a huge boost for the show. In addition, her storyline does not feel sufficiently wrapped up yet. While Ellie’s You story could be over, it would be a waste of a strong character not to bring her back and tell the audience how she has coped with losing her sister and moving cities. Moreover, it would be interesting to find out if Joe is still sending her money, and if he is, it could create an interesting angle from which to inspect Joe’s character.

Furthermore, Ortega’s roles in Wednesday and You can benefit from each other. Fans who have watched You but not Wednesday might be encouraged to watch Wednesday if they enjoyed Jenna Ortega’s performance in You. You‘s season 4 actors will have to keep the show afloat for Jenna Ortega’s Ellie to return at some point, however, that should not be a problem considering the immense popularity the show has already garnered.

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