Why Big Brother Players Should Compete On The Traitors

Two Big Brother winners competed in the first season of The Traitors. Which other Big Brother alum should compete on the new show in future seasons?

The first-ever season of The Traitors recently aired on the streaming service Peacock and among the cast were two well-known Big Brother winners. Former Big Brother players Rachel Reilly and Cody Calafiore competed in the first season of the new competition series. Although neither of them was able to add another competition series win to their reality tv resume, they paved the way for other Big Brother alums to compete on the new show.

In addition to the two Big Brother legends, the cast of The Traitors season 1 was made up of celebrities as well as recruits. Since some players had already competed on a reality show in the past, there was ultimately an advantage for some. On the first night inside the castle, three players were secretly chosen to be traitors. These players would secretly meet every night to determine which player they wanted to “murder” from the game. After competing to earn money during the day, the group would then vote on who they wanted to eliminate in hopes they would correctly choose a traitor.


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Big Brother Who Would Do Well On The Traitors Season 2

Since the first season of the show was such a success, The Traitors has been renewed for another season. Assuming casting for the new season is the same as the first, there will be more Big Brother alums taking on the new competition. So which past players would be the best options for The Traitors? Cody’s best ally from Big Brother season 16, Derrick Levasseur, would be quite successful as a traitor on the new show. Derrick’s way of reading people while also keeping very lowkey about his gameplay would help him succeed in the game. In addition to Derrick, Tyler Crispen of Big Brother season 20, Cody Nickson of Big Brother season 19, and Big Brother season 23’s winner Xavier Prather would all make great competitors on The Traitors.

Big Brother Alums Won’t Necessarily Win On The Traitors

Being a well-known, successful Big Brother player is not actually a benefit when competing on The Traitors. Although it was assumed he would do well on the new show, Cody was ultimately better on Big Brother than he was on The Traitors. Going into The Traitors, Cody had a major target on his back from day one because of how well he did on both of his Big Brother seasons. The other players, both famous and not famous, knew that Cody was a strong competitor physically, mentally, and socially. Because of this, Cody quickly became the first traitor to be eliminated from the game.

Similar to Cody’s experience, if other successful Big Brother legends take on competing on The Traitors, they could be an instant target. Unfortunately, that is the risk these players have to take. While it is such an achievement to be a well-known and successful past player of a reality show, it does ultimately put a target on an individual’s back when competing on another reality show such as The Traitors.

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