Why Below Deck Fans Love Fraser Olender As Chief Stew

After being a fan favorite on Below Deck season 9, Fraser Olender had a lot to live up to as chief stew and fans are loving him as a leader.

Fraser Olender might be giving himself a hard time on Below Deck season 10, but many fans of the show love him as chief steward. Kate Chastain left a hard legacy to fill when she exited the show, but Fraser may be the one to do it. He started out as a second stew on season 9, and his hilarious personality quickly made him a fan-favorite. When he got promoted to chief stew, most fans were rooting for him.

Though Below Deck season 9 was slammed by fans for its many controversies and boring drama, Fraser was one of the highlights of the season. He was known for saying hilarious remarks under his breath and talking to himself throughout the day. He returned to the show as the head of his department, but he has not had it easy. His second stewardess Alissa Humber and deck stew Camille Lamb have been arguing nonstop. Fraser has said that he worries about being able to do the job, despite having previous experience as a chief stew, but fans are hoping that he sticks out the season. Captain Lee Rosbach already left due to his declining health, and Below Deck fans do not want another fan-favorite to leave.


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Below Deck Fans Compare Fraser To Kate Chastain

Reddit user u/raudri started a thread saying, “Can I just say I’m loving Fraser as Chief Stew?” and added that “he’s the first OG chief I’ve enjoyed since Kate.” Other Below Deck fans were quick to agree, with some comparing him to the less-liked Natasha Webb from Below Deck Mediterranean. Fans felt that Natasha did not take her job seriously enough, whereas Fraser takes everything he is doing seriously. His work ethic has been praised by fans, with one saying “he’s a hard worker and so self aware” while another added that “his snide comments and his sarcasm are everything I live for on these shows.”

Fraser & Hayley Make Great TV

Fraser’s strong friendship with his third stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto has also won Below Deck fans over. Hayley calls Fraser her “boat mum,” and their banter is a bright spot in season 10. One of the most important dynamics on the super yachts is between the chef and chief stew, and so far Fraser and returning Chef Rachel Hargrove have been a great match. They are both serious about their jobs, yet are down to goof off in between work.

Though Below Deck fans love Fraser as chief stew, some are worried that he is not being strict enough with some of his stews. Fans have slammed Camille for trying to get out of work and having a bad attitude, but many want to see Fraser sound off on her. Fraser is an entertaining cast member and someone that fans love to watch, but many Below Deck viewers are ready to watch him finally lay down the law with his crew.

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