Who Killed Abassi, The FBI Agent, In Kaleidoscope? There’s 1 Big Clue

FBI Agent Abassi’s death in Kaleidoscope initially seems innocent, but one big clue in an earlier episode reveals she was targeted for a reason.

Netflix’s Kaleidoscope had many shocking moments, but FBI agent Abassi’s death was a big one, and the person who killed Abassi is not fully revealed in Kaleidoscope, although there is one big clue. Abassi (Niousha Noor) was the main FBI agent trying to catch Leo Pap (Giancarlo Esposito) and his crew, and Abassi’s history with Ava (Paz Vega) only made Abassi more determined to bring Leo and his crew down. Abassi’s fight with her own demons meant she had to fight to stay on the case, but her determination and skill saw her uncovering the entire plot, even when led astray by Leo and Ava’s plans.


Kaleidoscope is unique for its viewing order, as audiences can watch Kaleidoscope however they please; however Netflix does recommend watching “White” last, which is the heist episode. Chronologically, Abassi is introduced in “Green,” which is seven years before the heist and lays the foundation for why she hates Ava so much, as Ava reported her for substance abuse while working. Abassi is shown to be a clever detective, who notices details other FBI agents miss, but her inability to let go of a case is the cause of her downfall. Abassi’s death is said to be of natural causes in “Pink,” but there is one big clue that suggests otherwise.

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Kaleidoscope Episode “Blue” All But Confirms The Triplets Killed Abassi

FBI agent Abassi was investigating The Triplets at the end of Kaleidoscope

Despite the suggestion that Abassi died from natural causes, a comment from Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell) in “Blue” all but confirms that The Triplets killed FBI agent Abassi at the end of Kaleidoscope. In “Blue,” Roger says. “You cross [the triplets] the wrong way, one day you’re walking down the street, someone brushes your arm, three blocks later you drop dead of a heart attack.” It was a small comment and not related to Abassi at the time, but his description is more or less exactly how Abassi dies.

In “Pink,” Abassi is walking about the streets when she is asked for directions. The man asking shakes her hand, and she goes about her day. A few streets later, Abassi suddenly collapses and dies, with her colleagues putting it down to being absorbed by the Leo Pap case and natural causes, her history with substances not helping in that area either. However, her death fits exactly with how Salas describes The Triplet’s choice of removing threats, and a re-watch of Kaleidoscope reveals this big clue to the cause of Abassi’s death.

Why Abassi Died In Kaleidoscope

The FBI agents in Kaleidoscope watching Bob

Abassi’s death seemed quite unnecessary at first, especially with the biggest threats against her already being removed, such as Bob Goodwin (Jai Courtney) dead and Roger Salas in prison. However, the events of “Pink” shows Abassi had made a lot of progress with the Kaleidoscope heist case. Leo Pap’s daughter, Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle), had interrupted the heist and returned the bonds to The Triplets to save her father, but The Triplets were still able to hide this and claim theft on their insurance for more money.

“Pink,” the final episode in Kaleidoscope‘s chronological viewing order, showed Abassi had discovered this information and was closing in on The Triplets, theorizing about the insurance money scam they had pulled. With the power and status the Triplets had, plus the moles in the FBI, it would not have been difficult for them to discover the threat Abassi posed, especially with Abassi’s inability to let a case go. Therefore, it would be in their best interests to get rid of Abassi and Abassi’s death in Kaleidoscope was purely due to the threat she posed to The Triplets and their power.

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