What Happened To ‘Paul Mitchell’ Hair Model Trevor Once Fired

Below Deck has featured some interesting stars, including the “Paul Mitchell” hair model, Trevor Walker. He was let go from the famous nautical series

It’s time to talk about what happened to the “Paul Mitchell” hair model Trevor Walker from Below Deck season 4. He was difficult to work with, and was quickly fired from the show. He had filmed the series aboard the super yacht Valor, and things were tense, right from the start. Since he was let go early in the season, there are questions about what happened to him after his reality stint.

Bravo’s Below Deck premiered in 2013. It showcased the ups and downs of yacht crew members, who work and live on luxury “white boats” that are over 100 feet long. The series also features rich and famous charter guests who vacation onboard. The show continues on, year after year, and it is definitely a very popular Bravo series. The franchise has even released several spin-off shows, including Below Deck: Mediterranean, Below Deck Adventure, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht.


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Fans Remember Trevor Walker As A Bad Crewmate

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On the nautical show, Trevor Walker did not last particularly long on the yacht. In a matter of minutes, Captain Lee Rosbach made the decision to fire him, making sure the door did not hit him on the way out. During his time on the series, Trevor was demoted from senior deckhand by Kelley Johnson. He was left wandering around, and appeared to be out of his element. He did not get along with his fellow crewmates, and consistently butted heads with Kelley. For this reason, he has been characterized as the worst crew member in Below Deck history.

What Is Below Deck “Hair Model” Trevor Walker Doing Now?

Straight after season 4, Trevor went on to the position of bosun on a 151-foot yacht that cruised the South Pacific. The reality star has not stayed active on his social media, and doesn’t speak with anyone from the cast. Therefore, it’s hard to say whether he has continued to work as a hair model. He is low-key to an extent that is practically mysterious.

Trevor joins a bunch of other reality stars who have long since been forgotten. It seems like there was no love lost, since the bosun and captain had actually said threatening things about the admittedly narcissistic deckhand. While he may have sparked a few good Below Deck scenes, including a horrendous crew night out, it seems like his secrets have fallen into the depths of the ocean, never to be found.


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