Wait, Why Wasn’t Michael Myers Blind In Halloween 4?

Despite having his eyes shot out in the finale of the second movie, Michael Myers isn’t blind when Halloween 4 begins; the series later explained why.

Following his injuries in the previous movies, Michael Myers really should have been blind in Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers. Despite the original Halloween kicking off the glut of slasher flicks that appeared in the 1980s, Michael himself was late to the franchise party. Co-creator John Carpenter never wanted to make Halloween sequels and was pressured into writing and producing by his business partners. Thus, he produced Halloween 2 with the intent of killing the slasher off, with the series missing most of the decade. Halloween 3 tried (and failed) to turn the franchise into an anthology, while Jason and Freddy appeared in almost annual sequels.

Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers arrived in 1988 and dusted off the titular killer, revealing he and Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) somehow survived the second movie’s fiery finale. Whereas the first two movies gave Michael a supernatural edge, later sequels essentially confirmed he wasn’t human. In the first two outings, Myers survived being burned head to toe, being shot around 13 times and stabbed a few times too. He seems none the worst for wear in Halloween 4 – which almost brought Laurie back – with the sequel even ignoring a key injury inflicted on him during the second film’s ending.

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Michael Should Have Been Blind In Halloween 4

Michael Myers in Halloween 4

In Halloween 2’s ending, Loomis hands Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) a revolver so she can defend herself. In desperation, she fires twice at the approaching Myers, somehow scoring two direct hits on his eyes. He’s shown bleeding from both ocular orbits and spent the final minutes of Halloween 2 blindly slashing at his prey. Halloween 4 revealed Michael spent a decade in a coma, but while it addressed that he was badly burned, no mention is made of his blinding. In fact, he clearly has no issues with his sight.

Halloween 6 Explained Michael’s Supernatural Healing

Halloween 6 Producer's Cut

Considering Michael was shot in the eyes at close range with a magnum – and he had already been stabbed in the eye by Laurie on Halloween – it’s strange Halloween 4 (which nearly had a huge bodycount) doesn’t even address this. If anything, confirming Michael is blind but this does nothing to stop his rampage would only add to his supernatural mystique. While the filmmakers behind Halloween 4 probably considered addressing it, it was likely hand-waved away as something most audiences wouldn’t even think to question. It was answered – albeit unintentionally – by Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers though.

The sixth entry attempted to explain what made Michael a killer, and revealed a Celtic cult named the Cult of Thorn had selected him. The Mark of Thorn led Myers to relentlessly pursue and murder his family, which was a form of ritual sacrifice going back millennia. This also accounted for Michael’s supernatural ability to heal throughout the original movies and is likely the reason he wasn’t blind when Halloween 4 begins. Considering Halloween 6 (which has a Producer’s Cut) was later retconned out of existence by 1998’s H20, there’s no explanation as to why Michael wasn’t blind in that entry either.

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