Vittorio Toscano (Perks, Tips, & Strategies)

Vittorio Toscano remains a pacifist despite centuries of Trials. His perks in Dead By Daylight help him repair generators faster and avoid the Killer.

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Vittorio Toscano has been surviving the horrors of Dead By Daylight for centuries, but only now is he a playable Survivor in the Forged by Fog chapter. Although he looks like a modern punk, he’s over half a millennia old. His obsession with the mystical and strange trapped him within the Trials, but his refusal to resort to violence makes him an intriguing Survivor. Each of his unique perks helps him, or others fix generators efficiently and quickly.


Vittorio’s story is intrinsically connected to the new Dead By Daylight Killer, the Knight. He hired the Knight to help him find a magical artifact, only to become victim to his dark intentions. Where the Knight embodies violence and bloodshed in his play style, Vittorio is his opposite, never striking back. He can instantly repair a generator by up to 20% with enough preparation, keeping an eye on the Killer and distracting them while other Survivors complete his work.

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Vittorio Perks and Play Style

Vittorio Toscano Generator Potential Energy Dead By Daylight Survivor

Vittorio’s three unique perks are Potential Energy, Fogwise, and Quick Gambit. They are each explained below.



Potential Energy

After repairing a Generator for 12/10/8 seconds without interruption, the Activate Ability button can trigger Potential Energy. Instead of Generator progress, Potential Energy charges up, earning one Token for 1.5% of Repair progress for a maximum of 20 Tokens (similar to Dead by Daylight‘s Jonah Vasquez’s Corrective Action perk). The next time the Activate Ability button is pressed while repairing a Generator and there is at least one Token available, the Generator’s progress increases by 1% per Token. Tokens are lost entirely when a Health State is lost. A missed Skill Check can also get rid of a few Tokens.


Getting a Great Skill Check while repairing a Generator reveals the Killer’s Aura for 4/5/6 seconds, regardless of distance.

Quick Gambit

While being chased by the Killer, leading them past a Generator being repaired by another Survivor within 24 meters increases their Repair speed by 6/7/8%.

Vittorio’s perks rely on other Survivors joining him in his defensive escape tactic rather than the ruthless survival of characters like Yun-Jin Lee, the Survivor who came out alongside the colorful Killer, Dead by Daylight‘s Trickster. Surviving a Trial with only these three perks can unlock the Adept Vittorio achievement. To do so, players must capitalize on the two most significant mechanics of any Survivor; repairing and running.

Utilizing Potential Energy to its full extent requires players to be brave and work on a Generator for an extended period. Because of this, they should never be without Fogwise. With good skill checks, this perk will keep them up to date on the Killer’s whereabouts and soak up all the Potential Energy they need. Of course, the best time to spend these Tokens is when players don’t have a lot of time to work on a Generator, perhaps due to low Survivor numbers or the Killer being one of Dead By Daylight‘s best speed Killers.

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A good Vittorio player also knows when to run. Being in a voice chat with other Survivors can help players use Quick Gambit more effectively, running toward Generators they know are being repaired. Of course, this could lead the Killer right into another Survivor’s arms, but that’s a risk that players must take to increase Repair speed.

Best Vittorio Builds

Vittorio Toscano standing with a ruin in the background in Dead by Daylight

Whether players want to play Vittorio himself or capitalize on his perks after Prestiging him, there are a few Dead By Daylight Survivor builds that make sense for this endless wanderer.


Perk #1

Perk #2

Perk #3

Perk #4

Replacement Perk

The Night Watch


Spine Chill

Alert (from Feng Min, one of the most-played Dead By Daylight Survivors)

Dark Sense

Object of Obsession (from Laurie Strode)

The Cooperative Mechanic

Potential Energy


Quick Gambit

Prove Thyself (from Dwight Fairfield)

Corrective Action (from Jonah Vasquez)

Vittorio Toscano helps to expand the lore of Dead By Daylight and the gameplay by adding valuable Generator repair perks into the mix, further increasing the Survivor’s chances of victory.

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