Venture Bros. Movie Update Shared by Co-Creator Doc Hammer

Co-creator Doc Hammer shares a Venture Bros. movie update, confirming editing was well underway on the finale extension of the fan-favorite show.

Venture Bros. co-creator Doc Hammer shares an update on the current stage of the movie’s production after a long period of silence about the fate of the film continuation. The Adult Swim animated comedy series ran for seven seasons from 2004 to 2018, chronicling the misadventures of the Venture Family as they faced absurd supervillains and other comic-inspired foes. While the series was canceled in September 2020 almost 2 years since the last full season aired, a direct-to-video film continuation was announced in May 2021 that would act as a finale when it airs on Adult Swim and HBO Max.


Almost eight months after returning Venture Bros. voice actor Patrick Warburton updated viewers on the film’s progress, series co-creator Hammer offered a behind-the-scenes update through his personal Instagram account.

In the post above, the writer and voice actor shared an image of his desktop screen as he edited the film’s title sequence. Not only does Hamer indicate that the film was nearing completion, but the co-creator also asked what behind-the-scenes features fans would like to see with the feature-length adventure’s home release.

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Why The Latest Venture Bros. Movie Update Is A Relief For Fans

Venture Bros Season 7 Monarch Henchman 21 Dean Venture

The film continuation of the Venture Bros. movie has had a tumultuous path to development following the series’ original cancelation in 2020. Prior to cancelation, the series had been renewed for season 8 shortly after the conclusion of season 7 in 2018, with the season being written as a final season that would bring the Venture family’s story to a close. Despite the in-development season 8 already being designed as a conclusion, the show was canceled after the season’s storyline had already been partially written, though Adult Swim assured viewers that they were set on finding a way to tell the story in another form.

And while dedicated fans may have been relieved upon hearing the news that the series would receive a proper conclusion in the form of a film, recent decisions surrounding the future of HBO Max led to uncertainty surrounding the Venture Bros. movie. Following the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, a number of high-profile projects were suddenly canceled, including productions that had seen significant progress completed such as Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt. With many of the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery’s animated projects also receiving sudden cancelations despite nearing completion in the wake of the merger, fans of Hammer and Jackson Publick’s animated series may fear that the Venture Bros. finale chapter may be quietly and unceremoniously canceled once again.

After a significant period since the last update on the Venture Bros. movie, it’s a relief to know that production on the film is still underway. While audiences may not see the intended final season 8, the film still provides an opportunity to revisit such beloved characters as Shoreleave before the series’ story ends. With Hammer editing the film’s title sequences, the Venture Bros. movie may even receive a 2023 release.

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