The Last of Us Episode 6 Trailer Reunites Pascal’s Joel & Luna’s Tommy

The Last of Us episode 6 trailer offers a look at the next chapter of the HBO series following the harrowing end to the Kansas City story.

After their harrowing journey through Kansas City, Joel and Ellie are reuniting with a key character in The Last of Us episode 6 trailer. Based on Naughty Dog’s game of the same name, the series centers on Pedro Pascal’s smuggler and Bella Ramsey’s foul-mouthed teen having to travel cross-country to deliver her to scientists who think her the key to reversing the Cordyceps fungi that destroyed the world. The most recent The Last of Us episodes have seen the two stuck in Kansas City, where bandits have taken control of the city and are ruling over it with an iron fist.

Fresh off of the new episode’s early premiere, HBO has released The Last of Us episode 6 trailer.

The video highlights the next chapter in Joel and Ellie’s journey across the country, with the duo now making their way through Wyoming and seeing Pascal’s protagonist reunite with his estranged brother, Gabriel Luna’s Tommy. It isn’t all heartfelt, however, as the reunion looks to be a tense one full of resentments between the two.

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What The Last Of Us Trailer Reveals About Episode 6

Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us episode 6

Audiences have been eagerly awaiting Tommy and Joel’s reunion since electing to part ways sometime after the heartbreaking events of The Last of Us episode 1’s opening. The Last of Us episode 6 trailer points towards the brothers coming back together not being an exclusively positive one, however, with Luna’s Tommy hinting at the pair having killed people at some point in the past. Whether this stems from the time leading up to their splitting after Sarah’s death, or the night of the apocalypse itself, remains unclear.

One of the biggest reveals to come from The Last of Us episode 6 trailer is the reveal of Rutina Wesley as video game character Maria. It was previously confirmed the character would retain her position from the game as the leader of the Jackson, Wyoming settlement, which is seemingly confirmed in the trailer as she can be seen watching over Ellie sometime after she and Joel arrive. Those familiar with the games know Maria to have a deeper connection to The Last of Us‘ main characters that establish some harrowing stakes for Joel and Ellie’ time in Jackson, and their future.

Another interesting takeaway from The Last of Us episode 6 trailer is the seeming reveal that the Tipsy Bison saloon is being included in season 1 of the HBO series. Though a Jackson location, it was featured in The Last of Us Part II, potentially hinting at adapting story elements from the second game, though could also just be a fun Easter egg included for fans of the source material. Only time will tell how it factors into the episode’s story when The Last of Us episode 6 premieres on February 19.

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