The Human Version of Predator Armor is Too Deadly For The Movies

In the comics, humans invent an armor that puts the Predators’ tech to shame–and if it was introduced in the movies, the game would change forever.

It is no secret that the Predator species is perhaps the deadliest in the cosmos, and while that is mainly attributed to their culture’s commitment to hunting increasingly deadly prey across the galaxy, it’s mostly because of the Yautja’s unparalleled technology, including and especially their armor–which is why the human version of Predator armor would change the movies forever, as it would finally bring people to the Yautja’s level.


In every Predator film, the Yautja are hunting humans who are either not expecting it at all, or are vastly underpowered in terms of technological advancement. The first two Predator movies take place in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s and feature heroes who are skilled with modern-day weaponry and have a warrior’s spirit, but who are completely physically vulnerable. The same can be said for the movies Predators and Prey, with The Predator being the only exception as a human is able to use Predator Killer armor to fight the Super Predator that was hunting him. Meanwhile, Predators are always equipped with not only armor, but also cloaking devices, plasma-cannons, and an inherent healing factor. Basically, there is a reason why the kill/death ratio between humans and Predators in every movie is vastly uneven. However, if one piece of tech introduced in the comics was brought over into the film landscape, humans wouldn’t need to worry about being technologically outmatched ever again.

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Predator Armor was Made Even Deadlier By Humans

Human's Predator-killing armor.

In Aliens vs Predator: Xenogenesis #3 by Andi Watson and Mel Rubi, a team of human mercenaries are hired to steal sensitive information regarding Xenomorphs from the lab of one of Weyland-Yutani’s main competitors. However, when they get there, they find that the warehouse/laboratory was already infiltrated by a team of Predators, as the Yautja wanted to hunt the Xenomorphs that were kept there. This put the mercenaries in a tight spot, as what was originally a heist mission turned into them being stuck in the middle of a war between two of the deadliest creatures in the cosmos–and for some of them, this isn’t their first run-in with the Predators. One of the mercenaries explains that they were a part of another team that was funded by a secret government program dedicated to making humans deadlier than Yautja by way of high-tech armored suits. When asked by someone who wasn’t there if the suits, and the team in general, were effective, the mercenary says, “We kicked their tails good”, which decidedly translates to ‘yes’.

If these suits were brought into the movies, humans wouldn’t be outgunned by the Predators anymore, and humanity would perhaps even take the Predator’s place as arguably the deadliest killers in the galaxy–at least, it should seem that way. See, the mercenary wasn’t finished when he said he and his fellow soldiers proved to be tougher than the Predators. His complete explanation was, “We kicked their tails good. Too good. They saw us as a challenge, and then–” he trails off, but the next panel shows the Predators coming back at humanity with a ferocity the humans just couldn’t match, no matter how much better their suits were than those of the Yautja.

If humans adopted this armor in the films, they’d undoubtedly be able to prove themselves superior to Predators just as they did in the comics, but they’d also be inviting a higher form of intergalactic warfare that humanity simply wouldn’t survive. Predators hunt humans for sport, but the second humans start using this Predator-killing armor, the fun and games would be over and the Predators would wage war against humanity. So, yes, the human version of Predator armor is so deadly, it would change the movies forever, just not how many might think as it would likely end with the complete eradication of the human species–which would be a pretty grim ending to the beloved movie franchise.

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