The Flash’s New Enemy is An Entire Alien Empire of Speedsters

In DC’s new Flash: One-Minute War Special, the origins of The Fraction have been revealed, an entire alien empire of speedsters seeking more power.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1

DC’s One-Minute War has begun, and the Flash Family is not prepared for the might of The Fraction, an all-new alien empire powered by the Speed Force itself. Having come from another universe, the origins of the Fraction are revealed in a new special issue for this ongoing Flash event, detailing where they came from and how they managed to weaponize one of the greatest powers in the DC Multiverse.

In the new The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 from Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin, it’s revealed that the Fraction came from a world not unlike Earth. However, they soon discovered how to artificially tap into the Speed Force, allowing them to rapidly expand into a massive empire, though they constantly need more resources as a result. By the command of their Empress, Admiral Vel Anthro has led the forces of the Fraction which has conquered countless worlds, each one meeting its demise in a matter of seconds. As such, they’ve now become so big that the Fraction has come from their own dimension to Earth, landing so fast and with such force that only DC’s Flash Family is able to react.

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The Fraction Has Come To Conquer The DC Universe (In Mere Seconds)

Flash's One-Minute War Debuts The Fraction Empire

While the Fraction hadn’t always been able to travel to other universes, this special issue confirms they recently discovered living speedsters on various worlds whom they’ve turned into batteries, identifying them as “organic conduits” who can amplify their ships’ power. Now, all of space and time is theirs to conquer, moving so fast as an army of speedster soldiers that very few are able to even witness the end of their worlds.

Even though the speedsters of the Flash Family are fast enough to move and hopefully fight back in the issues to come, they were still caught off guard by the Fraction’s arrival. As a tragic example, the love of Barry Allen’s life Iris West was seemingly killed by the destructive force of their ship’s landfall in Central City. As such, the Flash Family is well aware that facing these new enemies will be one of their greatest battles yet.

As the One-Minute War continues, it will be interesting to see what else is revealed about the Fraction and their manufactured connection to the Speed Force. Likewise, if they’ve captured speedsters before in their mission to conquer worlds for their empire, what chance does The Flash Family even have? The Flash: One-Minute War Special #1 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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