The Best Minecraft Mods for 2023 (& How to Install Them)

Installing mods in 2023 boosts the overall experience of Minecraft by improving performance, altering mobs, or widening the sandbox when installed.

With the 1.20 update of Minecraft adding more biomes and features to explore in 2023, mods become a fantastic way to expand upon these new possibilities when players install them for an improved experience. Depending on players’ specific needs, mods can alter building methods and general performance or even provide enhancements to mobs or the open-world sandbox. Although there are plenty of mods for players to install, many are better than others when considering the quality-of-life changes brought to the table.


Four categories help break down the best existing mods in Minecraft into divisions that exemplify different experiences made to the base game, including performance mods, mods that alter the world, game-changing mod packs, and mods focused on building. Most of these mods can be found online for their download links, often with instructions that assist the player in their installation. However if players prefer a simple method, they can use CurseForge to install all fo the below mods. From just new animals in Minecraft to vast packs that completely change the game, 2023 has a stellar line-up of mods at the player’s disposal when downloaded.

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The Best Performance Mods

Minecraft OptiFine Mod with Improved Visuals Through Frame Rate Adjustments and VSync Capabilities




  • Supports HD textures
  • Gives more control over graphical options
  • Allows the game to run smoother when using multiple shader packs
  • FPS boosting and VSync


  • Uses the supplementary mod Fabric to reduce strain on the system
  • Bolsters visual fidelity
  • Uses a multi-threading system to make lag spikes less frequent when loading in blocks


  • Lets players mark points of interest on their map, set waypoints, etc.
  • Larger maps viewed in the game can be viewed fullscreen, as a mini-map, or in a separate browser.
  • Warns players when mobs are nearby


  • Provides additional information about items, including descriptions and name identifiers
  • Works with other mods to describe their custom tools

Here’s What You’re Looking At

  • Tells players what items they are looking at simply by hovering their cursor over it
  • Cooperates well with other mods

While performance mods won’t help players find diamonds easier in Minecraft, they provide appreciated support when the game has trouble running smoothly. OptiFine has the highest popularity among the mods listed here, as the techniques it uses for optimization are proven to work even on older versions of Minecraft. Additionally, this mod could be recognized as essential due to how the frame rate of the game gets invigorated through FPS boosting, while split frames are removed more often as VSync synchronizes the refresh rate with the game’s typical frame rate.

The Most Interesting World-Changing Mods

Minecraft The Twilight Forest Mod with Central Boss Dungeon Tower Structure



Lycanites Mobs

  • Adds over 100 new mobs to various dimensions and biomes
  • Includes harmless and dangerous creatures
  • Players can craft Soulstones to tame some of these new beasts
  • It has numerous dungeons, weapons, and other tools added through new mob drops

The Twilight Forest

  • Introduces a new mega-dungeon biome in Minecraft called The Twilight Forest
  • Full of bosses residing in huge structures, dangerous enemies, and new creatures
  • Some level of progression exists in the Forest,, as defeating bosses unlocks sections of the region.

Biomes O’Plenty

  • Lets players discover a myriad of new biomes across the Overworld and Nether
  • Tons of new blocks that come with these areas for extra color variety, tools, food, armor, etc.

Immersive Portals

  • Shows players slight schematics to the opposite ends of any portal they create

The mobs and biomes are the two most important factors players will focus on when choosing a mod that alters their sandbox. New avenues of exploration seen in Biomes O’Plenty and The Twilight Forest almost emphasize a wholly unique experience, giving players that same feeling of discovery from when they first booted Minecraft. In addition, the vast amount of customization resulting from new blocks in Minecraft and drops added to these mods encourages players to experiment as much as possible, as the variety of distinct building parts and tools now available far exceeds what can be understood in just one sitting.

The Finest Game-Changing Mod Packs

Minecraft RLCraft Mod Dragon Mob with Player as Tamed Creature Found in Ultra Difficult Survival Mode




  • Turns mobs into Pokémon from the iconic Pokémon series that the player may catch
  • Incorporates similar gameplay through turn-based combat
  • Adds new items that can be crafted based on tools seen in the series


  • RL stands for “Real Life” or “Realism,” as the mod bundles over 100 visual and gameplay mods together..
  • Forms a far more challenging game through new mechanics, dangerous mobs, and complex crafting systems
  • Includes extra difficulties such as player thirst and body temperature that need to be managed at all times

SkyFactory 4

  • Contains over 200 other mods in Minecraft and 30 different world types
  • Introduces players to survival game mode that starts on limited space with minimal materials in the air
  • Has unique resource-gathering systems that incentivize player creativity to build wider worlds

The Lost Cities

  • Adds destroyed structures across the entire map instead of standard biomes
  • Features a wider variety of mobs that spawn easily inside the dark sections of buildings, subways, tunnels, etc.

Vault Hunters

  • Transforms dungeons into procedurally generated “vaults” similar to rogue-like titles
  • Lets player battle for loot as they enter, progressing to collect 25 artifacts to unlock a final vault at the very end

Players might have a particular interest in these mods, as they not only add to the experience of Minecraft but also alter it into something completely unrelated to the original product. For example, RLCraft might be the most popular mod in 2023 because it takes what players already enjoy about the game and doubles down on the survivability mechanics to an extreme that might pique the interest of those looking for that kind of challenge. With shifts in gameplay ranging from nostalgia in Pixelmon‘s case to almost entirely new products with SkyFactory 4 or Vault Hunters, players that use these mods have plenty of new experiences that await them.

The Most Useful Building Mods

Minecraft Decocraft Mod with Thousands of Added Items for Extra Building Customization Including Tables, Chairs, Silverware, Statues, Etc



Just Enough Items

  • Alters the current recipe book feature in the game to include hundreds of items
  • Creates a tool that tells players exactly what they need to create any item

Chisels and Bits

  • Lets players construct blocks through chisels of different tiers
  • Normal-sized blocks in Minecraft can be reduced to 64 smaller pieces or more depending on a chisel’s rating
  • Gives players a tool to craft custom items such as pillars, statues, detailed signs, etc.


  • Adds over 3,000 new items such as bowls, bottles, lamps, beer kegs, etc.
  • One of the largest customization expansions made for Minecraft

With many mods trying to change Minecraft in some way, these mods only give more options to the central gameplay loop-building. One of the most compelling aspects of this game was the creativity that players express through construction, which can be expressed better than ever through the added content seen in mods like Decocraft. The best mods for Minecraft in 2023 do not have to be particularly genre-breaking to work well for players, as they only need to offer improvements that make their installation more than worth it.

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