The Best Defensive Magic Spells (& How to Get Them)

Whether Frey’s spells focus on dealing damage or playing a support role, there is some great defensive magic that players can get in Forspoken.

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When it comes to defensive Magic in Forspoken, some spells are better than others. In the story of Forspoken, players take control of Frey, a magic-wielding, parkour-performing New Yorker that has been transported to the fantastical world of Athia. In her quest to return home, Frey must utilize Magic and embark on a campaign to defeat the tyrannical Tantas and restore peace to Athia.

Throughout the game, Frey will unlock four elemental magic styles, each with a different set of spells. While players seek to unlock and wield different spells against their opponents, they can also get the best cloaks early in Forspoken. Whether Frey’s spells focus on dealing damage or playing more of a support role, players can get some great defensive magic in Forspoken.

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Firetrap (Red Magic)

Forspoken Red Magic

As Forspoken’s most damaging fire spell, Firetrap produces a burst of lava under an enemy that deals considerable burn damage to anyone in its radius. Firetrap triggers immediately, meaning it can be placed under an enemy and is best used against large or slow-moving targets. Firetrap can be obtained after players defeat Tanta Sila at the end of Chapter 5.

Crucible (Red Magic)

Frey using Crucible Red Magic in Forspoken

As an essential Red Magic spell in Forspoken’s Wheel of Time-like system, Crucible summons a large circle of fire that damages enemies and raises Frey’s attack power. The actual area created by Sila’s spell is quite large, so players can dodge about the area while receiving increased damage. After players defeat Tanta Sila, they can use melee-focused fire spells like Crucible to wipe enemies off the field with devastating damage.

Disperse (Purple Magic)

forspoken - MagicLady-1

As one of Forspoken‘s Earth magic spells, Disperse will create a small plant-like turret to hurl rocks at enemies. This turret outputs a constant stream of damage as players dodge enemy attacks, back off to heal, or wait for their magical or parkour abilities in Forspoken to cool down. Since the Purple Magic skill tree is Frey’s default, spells like Disperse can be unlocked by spending Mana in the Magic skill tree on the menu.

Distortion (Green Magic)

Forspoken Green Magic

Forspoken players who find themselves overwhelmed by opponents can cast Distortion to confuse enemies and make them attack each other. Not only does this take the focus off Frey, but it also forces opponents to deal damage for her. In addition, defeating Tanta Olas will give players access to the Green Magic skill tree, which contains Distortion and other air-based spells.

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Sublimation (Green Magic)

Frey Using Green Magic in Forspoken

Because players need to heal in Forspoken‘s showcased combat gameplay, Sublimation can be cast to drain enemies of their health and use it to heal Frey. However, while this spell regenerates Frey’s health slowly over time, it doesn’t guarantee the player’s survival. For players to unlock Green Magic and obtain wind-based abilities like Sublimation, they will first need to confront Tanta Olas.

Oubliette (Blue Magic)

Fre using Oubliette in Forspoken

Finally, for excellent crowd control, players can cast Oubliette to create a gigantic sphere of water that traps enemies and groups them together. Considering that this spell provides the player with plenty of utility and allows them to explode the orb, it is certainly a helpful support spell in Forspoken. Players can unlock Oubliette and other water-based spells through the Blue Magic skill tree once they’ve defeated Tanta Prav.

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