The Best Deck Build For Spider-Man

Players will have a chance to add the iconic superhero Spider-Man to their team early in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but the best deck possible for the web-slinger in this turn-based strategy title revolves around the high environmental damage that can be wrought upon enemies. With a passive ability called “Bring the House Down” automatically giving Spider-Man a free environmental attack without any use of Heroism for their first instance, and a 15% chance to refill that resource upon subsequent attacks of this type, the wall-crawler gives players incentive to navigate their surroundings during battle. Additionally, when paired with certain cards, Spider-Man can become a reliable party member that players can consistently rely on for high damage and mobility.


Since Spider-Man shines the most as a DPS character, the best cards in a deck build supporting him give the character more chances to use environmental attacks, dealing high damage at the beginning of encounters. Additionally, unlike Wolverine in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Spider-Man does not rely on regenerating health and is best utilized as a mobile character that takes out the numerous low-level enemies first while the rest of the player’s team focuses on the main boss or sets up certain strategies. Specifically, the Opportunist, Spider Sense, Quick Kick, Chain Strike, Special Delivery, and Web Throw cards make up the best build for Spider-Man, as they encourage a fast-paced approach to combat.

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Use Cards to Attack Through the Environment

Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man Cards For Deck, Including Ultimate Card Gained Through Friendship Level

As stated, environmental attacks are where Spider-Man shines, and the Opportunist card allows players to perform two environment attacks for 0 Heroism, similar to the “Bring the House Down” passive. Not only does this card free up the other characters in the player’s party to use Heroism for other tasks, but it also presents Spider-Man with free sources of huge damage. If drawn at the beginning of Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ engaging combat, the Opportunist immediately gives Spider-Man three environmental attacks and gives two more Card Plays for other heroes to launch a powerful assault straight away.

Since players should be looking to draw Opportunist as early as possible, the Spider Sense card supports this strategy by adding two Spider-Man cards from the deck to the hand when played. Even though this card mainly functions to bring out Opportunist, Spider-Man receives 1 Fast and 1 Resist in the process, so there are other benefits to the overall mobility of the hero when players use this in their deck. Scoring environmental attacks become much easier when Spider-Man can move to other sections of the battleground, a feature that makes Peter Parker rival the stronger characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Build a Deck that Helps Spider-Man Clear the Battlefield

Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man Takedown Attack Through Skill Card Used in Deck

According to YouTuber Fextralife, the DPS of Spider-Man without the environment leaves a lot to be desired as battles continue, with those initial strikes being the most important. However, there are cards that mitigate this flaw to a degree, including Quick Kick. This ability inflicts Knockback while being considered a Quick card, dealing damage to enemies already damaged earlier in the turn. A great follow-up after using an environmental attack, many minions can be easily dispatched swiftly through this combination, giving players a chance to clear the arena of opponents.

Playing into this thought even further, the Chain Strike card sends Spider-Man flying forward into an attack that chains to multiple targets if an enemy would be KO’d. Ordinarily having a maximum of three additional targets, players that increase their Friendship Level in Marvel’s Midnight Suns may upgrade this card to eventually include a fourth enemy within its effect. While the damage from this specific card may not rival the individual DPS that comes from Iron Man or Captain Marvel, the ability to remove targets quickly helps in particularly crowded affairs.

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Apply Cards with Knockback to Spider-Man’s Arsenal

Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man Using his Spider Sense Through a Specific Card

Although players will likely want to use the environment offensively through Spider-Man’s passive ability and associated cards, some cards use the hero’s strengths defensively. For example, the Special Delivery card forces an enemy into Knockback toward Spider-Man, which could lead to a hazardous part of the environment for significant damage values. Should an enemy be defeated in this manner, Spider-Man also gains +1 Moves, adding once again to the mobility that makes this character shine in battle without the need for expended resources from other team members, such as Doctor Strange in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

The final card players should consider adding to their Spider-Man deck is Web-Throw, an Epic rarity type of card that also applies Forceful Knockback toward the friendly denizen of the neighborhood. Yet, in contrast to Special Delivery, using Web Throw deals damage to surrounding enemies on top of the single one initially targeted, turning this attack into an Area of Effect (AoE). When used in tandem with aspects of the environment that would cause enemies to take even more damage, Spider-Man reaches the highest potential of his damage when players use this strategy.

Place Heroes in a Team with Spider-Man’s Best Deck

Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man and Team

Party members that have cards or abilities which hit multiple enemies at once pair best with Spider-Man, finishing off minions that have been weakened by environmental attacks. Blade and Wolverine both have properties that support this, but players could not go wrong with characters like Nico, whose larger spells typically impart an AoE to a wide swath of opponents. Players may consider looking into ways to experiment with upgraded cards through Marvel’s Midnight Suns‘ gift system to see which boosted abilities mesh the best with Spider-Man in later stages of the game.

One hero players should not use with Spider-Man is Ghost Rider, whose unique mechanic conflicts directly with the environmental attacks the wall-crawler inflicts. Ghost Rider and their cards capitalize off regaining health by delivering the final blow to enemies, so the massive DPS Spider-Man does through the initial environment or knockback attacks robs the host of Zarathos from their best opportunities to engage with smaller enemies and activate that process. However, no matter what cards players use to bring out the strengths of a Spider-Man deck in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, unity with their team remains the strongest aspect of this turn-based strategy game.

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Source: YouTube/Fextralife

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