The Bad Batch Season 2 Producer Teases Major Star Wars Connections

The Bad Batch season 2 executive producer Jennifer Corbett teases some major Star Wars connections coming up, such as a trip to Coruscant.

An executive producer for The Bad Batch has revealed that season 2 will feature some incredible Star Wars connections. The Bad Batch follows the adventures of Clone Force 99, a team of malformed clones who defect from the Empire after discovering the reality of the clone corruption during Order 66. Having adopted Omega, the genetic daughter of Jango Fett and sister to Boba Fett, Clone Force 99 is on the run and trying to make a living in a rapidly changing universe, even as an old member of Clone Force 99 remains loyal to the Empire despite removing his inhibitor chip.


While The Bad Batch has always been tied to the greater Star Wars universe through Order 66 and the ongoing transition from the Republic to the Empire, season 2 will feature even more crossover with established Star Wars canon. In speaking with TVLine, executive producer and writerJennifer Corbett reveals that there will also be more politics creeping into The Bad Batch. To make matters even more interesting, Corbett reveals that Clone Force 99 will even be visiting a well-known Star Wars location. Check out Corbett’s quote below:

“I would say the two-part midseason finale is pretty spectacular. We get to explore a political thriller, and Emperor Palpatine is in one of these episodes. Plus, any time we go to back to Coruscant is exciting — especially since this is the first time we’ve seen the Bad Batch in a place that’s so heavily Imperial-occupied.”

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How The Bad Batch Fits Into The Broader Star Wars Universe

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch occurs at a unique point in the wider Star Wars timeline, as it features the gradual but rapid change from a Republic to Palpatine’s overarching Empire. With Jedi being hunted across the galaxy, clones being phased out of use, and everyday citizens and soldiers left grappling with their own role in the destruction of the Republic, the entirety of Star Wars civilization is left debating its role and what it should do going forward. Set long before the events of Andor, there is not even an organized rebellion, and there will not be for over a decade to come. Since Andor connects the Star Wars timeline, it remains to be seen what The Bad Batch has left to contribute to established canon.

Now, with Palpatine set to appear in the Disney+ show, Clone Force 99 will likely be getting themselves in major hot water, as Palpatine rarely appears for an issue that isn’t particularly pressing. The Bad Batch so far has focused on small-scale stories for Omega and the team, but Crosshair and Cody are close enough to the Empire that they can stir up serious trouble wherever they go. While it has been speculated that Crosshair will redeem himself and defect back to Clone Force 99, Crosshair turning against the Empire can bring even more attention upon the Bad Batch, which will only help connect them even more to major figures, including Darth Vader and Palpatine.

Will Other Star Wars Characters Cameo In Bad Batch Season 2?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

There will be a series of cameos across the course of the season, especially as Clone Force 99 heads to Coruscant. With Senator Chuchi, Gungi, Bail Organa, and Rex having all appeared in The Bad Batch season 2 trailer and in promotional images, they are all going to play some role or another in the continued adventures of the clones. It is also possible that the clones can come across Star Wars legends, including the Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis, the maverick Quinlan Vos, or the fallen Jedi Barriss Offee. Considering that Kanan Jarrus should also be free in the galaxy, there is a chance that he could show his face again, since The Bad Batch already featured his escape from Order 66. With a larger scale teased for The Bad Batch season 2, there could be some major surprises ahead.

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