Supernatural Heroes, Ranked By Fighting Ability

The heroes on Supernatural were largely hunters who fought beings like angels, demons, and monsters of all kinds. Some good guys were angels and monsters themselves, and they are considered to be part of Sam and Dean Winchester’s clan of allies. With so much fighting that went on within the series, it’s natural to consider the skill level of these characters.

The most powerful characters in Supernatural can be ranked primarily based on their quality in combat, with the powers of the protagonists who aren’t human not taken into consideration, and the ages of older characters also being taken into account.

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Supernatural wrapped up its run after 15 seasons, with Dean and Sam Winchester finally ending the threat to the world. This came thanks to a fellow hunter in Jack taking all God’s power for himself and regaining peace in Heaven. This all came together when several of the most powerful monsters in existence fell along the way to Sam, Dean, Jack, and all their friends. However, when looking at the hunters on Supernatural, there were some that were much better fighters than others. With The Winchesters hitting in 2022, introducing the world to the hunters from the past, there is no telling how powerful the fighters that John and Mary work with will compare to the powerful hunters from the original series.


Jack Kline

Jack in a cell on Supernatural.

If you count superpowers, no one more powerful on Supernatural than Jack. He single-handedly beat God and stole his powers. However, even without his powers, Jack was a good fighter on his own. Yes, he is a Nephilim, but he also received training from Sam and Dean Winchester as a hunter.

This is similar to Castiel, although Jack ranks lower than the angel considering their experience with fighting. Even if he was weaker when he started to lose himself to his angel side, he ended up as the reason the Winchester brothers won in the end.

Gordon Walker

Gordon Walker in Supernatural

Gordon Walker was a tragic story. He was a hunter who had been going after monsters since he was a teen and his sister died at the hands of a vampire, one of Supernatural‘s creepiest monsters. However, his sense of revenge turned his heart black. After he killed that vampire and then had to take his sister down, he started killing all monsters.

This means that he hunted good and bad monsters. Gordon even started hunting Sam Winchester when he had powers, and that put him at odds with Sam and Dean. This eventually had an ironic end when he became a vampire himself and decided he needed to die along with Sam.

Jo Harvelle

Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle in Supernatural

When people talk about great fighters on Supernatural, fans love to point out Ellen Harvelle. However, it is also important to remember her daughter, Jo. While Ellen was a legit hunter and took out her fair share of monsters, Jo ended up proving she was more powerful than even her mom in the end.

While Ellen at first wanted to protect Jo, the two began hunting together after the Roadhouse burned down. This led them to team up with Dean and Sam Winchester more than once. They almost stopped Lucifer, and it was their sacrifice that helped protect Dean and Sam from the Hellhounds, some of Supernatural’s most powerful creatures.

Eileen Leahy

Eileen Leahy brandishes a weapon in Supernatural

Eileen was introduced when she successfully got the drop on Sam, who acknowledged she was a pretty adept fighter. Eileen had to fend for herself most of her life, which came in handy when she took up hunting as well.

To her disadvantage, she didn’t have the plot armor that Chuck afforded Sam and Dean, with Eileen meeting her death in the twelfth season. However, she was back as a fighter when Sam resurrected her and Eileen never had any problems keeping up with the other heroes despite her inexperience with big-time villains.


Castiel holds molotov cocktail, bobby stands in background

For an angel who lived for millions of years and was said to be a trained warrior, Castiel sure did lack skills. He’s arguably the most beloved Supernatural hero, yet he’s also quite inconsistent, as Castiel supposedly fought in heavenly wars but also got beaten up by normal humans.

Without his powers, Castiel’s fighting skills won’t match up to most of the seasoned hunters, and he relied too much on the angel blade as well. Castiel did have some fighting ability since he put up fights against the likes of Lucifer, although he’d still be best suited to his powers if he wants to survive.

Jody Mills

Jody Mills aims a gun in Supernatural

As a long-time sheriff, Jody was fearless in her pursuit of justice, which ended up turning her into a hunter when she learned about the supernatural world. Her police background meant she had combat experience and training that enabled Jody to easily transition into the hunter lifestyle.

She didn’t reach the level of Sam and Dean, and also struggled with bigger monsters like vampires, but Jody could definitely hold her own. Her background as a police officer put her in the improvising mindset during fights, which the hunters generally didn’t come up with.

Ellen Harvelle

Ellen Harvelle pointing a gun in Supernatural.

Ellen was among the most seasoned hunters to have lived, with only Bobby surpassing her in longevity. Her skills took a hit due to her semi-retirement when she started running her roadhouse, although Ellen proved she had hardly missed a beat when she took demons when the apocalypse began.

Ellen in her prime would most likely have been an even bigger threat had it been portrayed on the show. She was said to be an acquaintance of John’s through her husband who was also a legendary hunter, with Ellen confirmed to have been along for numerous hunts herself.

Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer points a gun in Supernatural

Bobby’s fighting skills were shown a few times over the course of the show, and he was certainly impressive considering how long he’d been in the game. He took on demons, leviathans, and even angels, so a younger Bobby might have been a considerably powerful force to be reckoned with.

Bobby got overpowered on quite a few occasions as well, which can be excused to his age. It places him in a situation where he can be given a leeway based on his feats and age, but he’s still eclipsed by certain other characters because they had more impressive achievements.

Mary Winchester

Mary Winchester with a machete in Supernatural

Watching Mary come back was something Supernatural fans wanted since Season 1, and they got their wish a decade later. The younger Mary appeared through time travel shenanigans earlier, during which she was shown getting the drop on Dean in his prime.

Mary was very adept when she was resurrected as well, going toe to toe with immensely powerful beings like Lucifer and Ramiel. She wasn’t quite as agile or strong as her sons, though, which brings her fighting skills down a bit. She did make up for it through her quick wit though, which made her a notable hunter.

Benny Lafitte

Benny Lafitte with a weapon in Purgatory in Supernatural

Benny did enough to establish his power level even though his storyline was quickly dropped in Supernatural. Benny survived for several decades in Purgatory where he fought for his life every day and then went on to accompany Dean for a year to escape the realm.

He was capable of taking on multiple monsters at the same time, which made him an elite-level vampire. Benny didn’t seem to have the same technical skill as Dean, but he had a sharp mind and tended to use the environment to overpower enemies.

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester with a knife in a barn in Supernatural

Sam more than proved his mettle as a hunter even if he never wanted to be one, having survived realms like the Bad Place, Purgatory, among others, all on his own. Sam went on to become the leader of his own hunter group that he trained, which Dean never accomplished.

His fighting skills were largely bolstered by his survival instinct, as Sam appeared to have greater resistance to pain, such as when he overcame a gunshot wound to kill multiple werewolves. His combat ability only lacked a bit because he didn’t go all-out like Dean and that’s what led to certain defeats. While Sam Winchester had powers, he didn’t need them to beat monsters.

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester holds a blade in Purgatory in Supernatural

How to stay alive is one of the lessons to learn from Dean in Supernatural, who always found a way to victory, even after he died several times. Dean is the only human to survive Purgatory after a whole year, also venturing to every place Sam had been and more, such as Avalon and multiple time periods in the past.

Dean’s advantage over Sam was that he didn’t back down from power moves, and Dean would go ruthless multiple times when hunting. His fighting involved both heavy-hitting and takedown tactics, as Dean would target pressure points in the body to bring his enemies down.

John Winchester

John Winchester aims the Colt in Supernatural

Although John wasn’t shown fighting as much as he wielded weapons to perfection, he has to be the best in terms of ability based on feats. Sam and Dean read and heard hundreds of stories about John fighting powerful monsters like vampires and werewolves all on his own, which they couldn’t accomplish.

John’s first move after traveling to the future was to swiftly knock down Sam and Dean, proving that his sons hadn’t developed the same skills as their father. John had a combination of Sam and Mary’s quick thinking and Dean’s ruthless ability that made him perhaps the most legendary hunter in the series.

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