Superman May Be More Magic Than His Fans Realize

One Superman location could hint that there’s a magical element in his history. Monkey Prince #4 reveals a potential magical link to the Man of Steel.

Is it possible that Superman, the greatest force for justice in the DC Universe has a spark of magic behind his immense powers? The mention of one particular location in Monkey Prince #4 could put everything about the Man of Steel in an entirely new light.

There’s no secret to how Clark Kent has such overwhelming power. He comes from the planet Krypton, a world that revolved around a dying, red sun. After he was sent to Earth to avoid the destruction of Krypton, Kal-El found himself heavily altered as a result of exposure to a younger, yellow sun. Superman’s powers all come from the cells in his body being supercharged by the powerful radiation, which allows him enhanced strength, the ability to fly, and a bevy of other powers. Anyone familiar with the Kryptonian hero knows there’s a scientific basis to how Superman and his abilities work.


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However, there may be a bit more magic to Superman than people originally thought, and it all starts with one iconic location in the hero’s lore. In Monkey Prince #4 by Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang, the titular hero has teamed up with Robin Damian Wayne to save the former’s parents from the evil Penguin. Cobblepot is now under the control of a powerful demon known as Golden Horn King, and has a number of minor demons working by his side. Monkey Prince and Robin, along with Batman, fight the possessed Penguin and manage to get Prince’s parents to safety. Unfortunately, Batman is captured by Penguin and the demon begins to feed on Bruce’s life energy, forcing Monkey Prince to save him. As he does, Penguin’s demonic assistants mistake Monkey Prince for his true father, Monkey King, and panic, thinking he was still trapped in the Phantom Zone.

What The Phantom Zone Reveals About Superman

Monkey Prince and the Phantom Zone DC Comics

The Phantom Zone is the notorious prison Superman has used to trap several of his villains, most notably General Zod and his followers. The pocket dimension is one of the few links to Krypton’s past as the Phantom Zone was previously studied by Kryptonian scientists who believed the realm to have value. However, if the Zone has been holding Monkey King all this time, then it could mean it’s actually a magic, potentially putting a new spin on the history of Superman.

Magic is infamously one of Superman’s weaknesses, which makes it all the more interesting that such an iconic location for Clark is rooted in magic. If the Phantom Zone, an area that has been a part of Krypton’s history for eons, is magic, then is possible there are more magical connections in Krypton’s past. After all, it’s known that Superman’s qi, or life energy, exudes out into the world and can be harnessed by others. It’s very likely that Clark’s powers aren’t based in science, but rather magic. This would make Superman not only one of the most powerful heroes around, but potentially one of the strongest magic heroes as well.

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