Star Wars Is Finally Paying Off A 42-Year-Old Plot Thread

Star Wars is setting up a droid uprising – a story that directly pays off ideas published in Marvel’s Star Wars comics all the way back in 1981.

The latest Star Wars epic is finally paying off a 42-year-old plot thread. The Sith have always been fascinated by the idea of seeing the future, but Darth Vader’s latest visions in Star Wars comics have shaken him to the core. Vader’s mysterious ally, the Eye of Webbish Bog, has granted the Dark Lord of the Sith a glimpse of the future as it could be – and a threat to the Force itself. Darth Vader’s role in balancing the Force has changed completely, because first he must find a way to save it.


Star Wars: Revelations #1, by Marc Guggenheim, Salvador Larroca, Pere Pérez, Emma Kubert, Justin Mason, Wayne Faucher, and Paul Fry kicked off the next epic. One of the Eye of Webbish Bog’s prophecies concerned a droid unlike any other, an insurgent named Ajax Sigma who dared dream of freedom over the organics. Ajax Sigma was created on Kligson’s Moon, but was struck down by the Jedi of the High Republic Era. It has been restored during the Galactic Civil War, and will no doubt attempt to take advantage of the conflict. The story is a fascinating one, building on themes from Solo: A Star Wars Story, which teased a droid rights movement – although granted, L3-37 didn’t really dream of a violent droid uprising.

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Star Wars Is Paying Off A Classic Marvel Reference

Star Wars Kligson's Moon

The reference to Kligson’s Moon is actually a delightfully deep cut into Star Wars lore. The moon made its debut in the classic Marvel comic Star Wars #47, by Archie Goodwin, Carmine Infantino, and Gene Day – published all the way back in 1981. There, the so-called “Droid World” had been established by a Clone Wars veteran who had grown tired of human beings after the war. Kligson had made the mistake of working on several Imperial droids, and it led to an attempted uprising. The Imperial droids were defeated in the end, of course, and Kligson chose to use the hyperdrive he had installed on his moon to leave the system in fear of Imperial pursuit.

Star Wars #47 is part of the old Expanded Universe, and it was rendered non-canon after Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012. Kligson’s Moon is clearly back – but changed significantly, because the being who gave the moon its name must have lived in the High Republic Era. This is quite ironic, given the portrayal of Kligson – as a Clone Wars veteran who cared more for droids than people – fits rather well with the version of the Clone Wars told by George Lucas. Still, the character may be changing, but the themes are not.

It’s fascinating to see modern Star Wars pay off an idea teased as far back as 1981, but forgotten. The droid uprising is about to become a reality – one that will threaten Empire and Republic alike. The Force itself will be at stake, because the energy field is created by all living creature, and these droids aim to kill all living things. It will be thrilling to see how this plays out.

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