Star Trek Sets the Stage for Wesley Crusher to Enter Its Epic God War

Wesley Crusher has been absent from Star Trek’s god war, but now the franchise is hinting he may return. Can he survive the universe’s alpha predator?

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #3!Wesley Crusher has thus far been absent from Star Trek’s unfolding god-war, but the latest issue of IDW’s new Star Trek comic hints he may have a role to play. Wesley, last seen on-screen during Star Trek: Picard’s second season finale, is a member of the immensely powerful Travelers, and can journey through space and time with but a thought. Such abilities are likely to put him in the god-killer’s crosshairs, and Star Trek #3 hints he may get involved with the mission to stop their killing spree.


A mysterious force is killing the godlike beings of the Star Trek universe; among the casualties so far are Gary Mitchell and the Crystalline Entities. To help discover the culprit, the Prophets send Captain Benjamin Sisko back to our plane of existence. Starfleet welcomes him back, but with some conditions, one of which is he must submit to routine physical and mental health exams. During a counseling session with Doctor Beverly Crusher, she grows exasperated with Sisko’s attempts at stone-walling her. She mentions some of the fantastic beings she has met and invokes her son, Wesley, saying he underwent an experience similar to Sisko’s. Sisko then asks Doctor Crusher if that explains her interest in him – to help find Wesley. For a brief moment, Crusher says nothing, before resuming the counseling session. The issue is written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, drawn by Ramon Rosanas and Joe Eisma, colored by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Clayton Cowles.

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Wesley Crusher, played by Wil Wheaton, was a regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation, departing during the show’s fourth season. The son of Doctor Crusher, the Enterprise‘s physician, Wesley displayed prodigious talents in engineering and physics, and soon became part of the bridge crew. He later left the Enterprise for Starfleet Academy. His time there was turbulent, and he grew disillusioned with Starfleet. Wesley was considering membership in the Maquis when he was approached by his friend, a being called the Traveler, who he first encountered in the show’s first season. He revealed that Wesley possessed special abilities, and the episode ended with Wesley leaving our plane of existence to join the Travelers. He returned during the second season finale of Star Trek: Picard, giving fans a tantalizing glimpse at his godlike powers and abilities.

Wesley Crusher Is Almost Certainly a Target of the God-Killer

Sisko Beverly Crusher Wesley

While Doctor Crusher did not specifically say she joined Sisko’s crew to locate her son, the scene nevertheless implies Wesley has a role to play in the coming god war. The Travelers are immensely powerful, able to see multiple timelines, travel through space and time effortlessly, and live indefinitely. Such powers almost certainly make the Travelers targets for whatever is killing Star Trek’s god-like beings. This god-killer has made short work of some of the franchise’s most powerful entities, such as the aforementioned Gary Mitchell. Gary Mitchell was able to create solar systems, putting him in a league above the Travelers, and he still fell. Likewise, the Crystalline Entities have laid waste to entire worlds, and the god-killer tore through them easily. What chance do Wesley Crusher and the Travelers have then?

Star Trek’s god war continues, and there will no doubt be more casualties as it rages on. More and more factions, such as the Q, are running in terror of what is coming, but so far Wesley Crusher has been absent. Yet Star Trek #3 seems to confirm he will play some role in the god war before it finishes – hopefully one which won’t bring a tragic end to his story.

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Star Trek #3 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

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