Spider-Woman’s Secret Power Makes Even Thor Look Pathetic

While it may not seem like it on the surface, Spider-Woman has the ability to make Thor look pathetic, and she can do so with just one secret power.

If someone were to ask a Marvel Comics fan who they thought was stronger between Spider-Woman and Thor, that fan would assuredly say Thor as his status as a god and all his impossibly impressive feats throughout the comics would lead one to that conclusion–however, many fans may not know that Spider-Woman has a secret power that makes even Thor look pathetic.

Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman got her powers after her father tried to cure her of an illness that he was responsible for. As a girl, Jessica lived with her father, Jonathan Drew, on a property in England that was rich with uranium. Jonathan was a geneticist who worked closely with the High Evolutionary, so having near-limitless access to uranium was an unparalleled blessing–though it soon became the most devastating curse. The exposure to uranium made Jessica terminally ill, so in an effort to save her, Jonathan injected Jessica with a serum derived from the DNA of spiders, hoping that their genes would cure her illness. Thankfully, Jonathan was right and Jessica was cured–though that cure didn’t come without its fair-share of side effects. Soon after this traumatic event, Jessica started to develop incredible powers akin to those of Spider-Man, though with a few key additions and upgrades–and eventually, she acquired the one that put Thor to shame.


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In Avengers Vol. 4 #29 by Brian Michael Bendis and Walter Simonson, readers are thrown into the war between the X-Men and the Avengers following the Phoenix Force’s invasion of Earth. The conflict began when the Avengers discovered that the Phoenix was headed for Earth and was going to possess Hope Summers–a mutant of immense power and vast significance–and they couldn’t let that happen. When the Phoenix finally arrived at Earth, it was thwarted, so rather than possessing Hope, it split itself apart and entered the bodies of five other mutants: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Namor, and Magik. So, the war over Hope Summers continued to rage, and now the X-Men had the power of the Phoenix on their side–which meant the Avengers needed to recruit the help of someone of immense power themselves: Charles Xavier. When the Avengers launched a surprise attack against the X-Men with Xavier as their ace in the hole, Charles used his telepathic power to force everyone to fall asleep–X-Men and Avengers alike. However, there was one person who was strong enough to resist Xavier: Spider-Woman.

Spider-Woman Has God-Tier Mental Strength (Stronger than Thor)

Spider-Woman combats Xavier's attack.

It is impressive enough that Spider-Woman is able to brush off a psychic blast delivered by Charles Xavier–one of the strongest telepaths on Earth–but to do so while a literal god like Thor falls victim to the same attack is insane. The reason Spider-Woman is able to pull off this feat is that she had psychic shields implanted while she was a SHIELD agent following the full development of her powers. While the implanted shields alone do protect her from most psychic attacks, the mental strength she acquired as a member of HYDRA was also instrumental in this new power being as effective as it is. Earlier in this very issue, Jess talks about how HYDRA implements mental manipulation within their ranks, especially when it comes to superhuman agents–and Spider-Woman had to combat those when she left the villainous organization and joined SHIELD before finally becoming a full-fledged Avenger.

Fighting back against mind-control is no easy task, and coming out on top confirms mental strength of the highest order, psychic shields or no–which is why, with the added benefit of those psychic shields, Spider-Woman’s mental strength is god-tier. Thor is the God of Thunder who is powerful on a cosmic scale, but in terms of his mental strength compared to that of Jessica Drew, it is no contest as Spider-Woman’s secret power makes Thor (along with practically every other prominent Marvel Comics hero) look absolutely pathetic.

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