Riddler Cosplay Gives Gotham Villain a Mind-Blowing Steampunk Redesign

Riddler is a Batman villain that doesn’t change his look all that often, with this new cosplay giving him a steampunk design that fits him perfectly!

The sadistically intelligent Batman villain known as Riddler is a Gotham City mainstay with an iconic green question mark costume that fans know well, with this new cosplay giving him a steampunk makeover that DC needs to make canon in comic form!

Recently posted on Twitter by username @DTJAAAAM, this account consistently teams up with various cosplayers around the nerd community to photograph them in all their homemade costumed glory. A steampunk Riddler look created and worn by Gordon Briggs (@drgordonbriggs), this cosplayer has also dabbled in dressing as Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and even Morpheus from Sandman fame, all of which bring Gordon’s own style to designs that fans can truly appreciate.


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DC’s Riddler Gets a Spot-on Steampunk Cosplay Look

A Batman-related character whose “Riddle me this?” tagline has permeated pop culture for decades now, Riddler aka Edward Nygma, isn’t the most physical villain of the bunch, but he sure is one of the smartest. Always incorporating some sort of green hue to his color scheme while featuring a question mark somewhere on his clothes so that his victims know exactly who they’re dealing with, Riddler doesn’t usually stray too far from his iconic costumed look but has had some memorable alternate outfits that buck his original design in fun new ways, with this steampunk remix being a great example of that.

A photo taken by @DTJAAAAM at this year’s Ohayocon, George’s take on Riddler immediately comes across as something that fans haven’t seen before, as his steampunk influences stand out on their own as unique additions to a costume that doesn’t lose sight of what makes Riddler’s look work in the first place. Complete with a giant top hat, steam goggles, mechanical-looking mask, mini chains, cogs, gears, and multiple question marks spread out across his green suit, George seals this steampunk deal with an inspired question mark-shaped staff adorned with even more minute Riddler details that make it the cherry on top of a cosplay design that already wows.

So whether it be an Elseworlds tale or alternate Earth where steampunk clothing became the dominant fashion choice, DC needs to give Riddler and the rest of Batman’s rogues gallery a legit makeover in this visually appealing style as soon as possible. But until then, check out @DTJAAAAM and Gordon Briggs (@drgordonbriggs) on their respective social media pages to see not only this fantastic Riddler cosplay, but even more stellar cosplay content too!

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