Punisher’s New Powers Make The Old Version of Him Look Tame

Punisher’s powers continue to be unleashed in the pages of Marvel Comics, as The Fist of the Beast shows off what he’s truly capable of with them.

Spoilers for Punisher #9 by Marvel ComicsThe Punisher’s new powers reach an all-new level as Marvel’s Fist of the Beast takes on Ares in an epic battle between the former hero and deadly god. In a new preview for Punisher #9 by Marvel Comics, Frank Castle and Ares’ final stand begins, as Punisher shows off the incredible abilities he received due to his pact with The Hand, making him an even deadlier killer in the Marvel Universe.

In the preview for Punisher #9 by Jason Aaron, Jesus Saiz, Paul Azaceta, Matt Hollingsworth, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, Ares reaches the gates of the Citadel of The Hand. In his superhuman form alongside his ninja army, Punisher meets the God of War and his forces as they exchange deadly blows. Punisher slices through Ares’ soldiers and unleashes his most impressive attack yet, channeling his powers as Fist of the Beast and stabbing his sword into the ground, creating an explosion that takes out an impressive amount of attackers. The scene highlights Punisher’s recent transformation, as his destructive powers are fully displayed in the battle.


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Punisher Has Transformed Into The Fist of the Beast

As The Fist of The Beast, Punisher has gained supernatural powers, as his agreement with The Hand to resurrect his dead wife in exchange for becoming their high slayer has made him even deadlier than before. However, Ares, the God of War, isn’t thrilled with Punisher’s deal and is taking his own army to stop Frank Castle. The Punisher is prepared for his attack, building a weapon to kill the Marvel God. The final battle begins in a new preview for Punisher #9 by Marvel Comics.

In the preview for Punisher #9, Daredevil can also be seen recruiting another member of his own army to take down The Hand. In the first two pages above, Daredevil lets Wolverine know about Punisher’s new powers as The Fist of The Beast, telling the clawed hero The Beast is growing inside the “most prolific mass murderer who’s ever lived,” besides Wolverine himself.

The epic showdown between the God of War and the Fist of the Beast. But even if the Punisher somehow survives Ares, other forces are already gathering to bring him down, once and for all.

The Punisher might be deadlier than any other version of the antihero ever. Still, his supernatural powers as The Fist of the Beast are making him lose his connection to humanity, as his newest fight may cause Frank Castle to finally be overcome by The Beast’s influence. Can Punisher stop himself before it’s too late? Or does he even have a choice with Ares’ imminent attack? Readers will find out more when Punisher #9 by Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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