Power Rangers’ Other Evil Green Ranger Was A Tommy Oliver Callback

Almost 30 years after Might Morphin Power Rangers’ “Green With Evil,” Power Rangers had a new Evil Green Ranger storyline full of Tommy callbacks.

Power Rangers had another Evil Green Ranger decades after Mighty Morphin Power Rangers did the story, with an arc full of Tommy Oliver callbacks. While Tommy Oliver was part of several Power Rangers shows and eventually was able to turn into multiple Rangers thanks to his Master Morpher, Tommy’s Green Ranger form may be his most iconic. Now, Tommy Oliver’s legacy continues in the most recent Power Rangers series Dino Fury.

Green is not a Power Ranger color that appears in every Power Rangers TV show, which makes any Green Ranger instantly special. This was the case for Power Rangers Dino Fury, whose Green and Black Rangers joined the team shortly after the group was formed. After directly referencing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers quite a few times, Dino Fury went further and included nods to Tommy’s “Green With Evil” arc as well.


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Dino Fury’s Izzy Became An Evil Green Ranger (With Nods To Tommy)

Power Rangers Dino Fury's Javi and Izzy, Tommy Oliver in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Power Rangers Dino Fury season 2, episode 19, “Bad Vibes” had an evil Green Ranger almost 30 years after Tommy Oliver’s Power Rangers debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ “Green With Evil”. Thanks to one of the many Power Rangers’ monsters of the week, Void Queen was able to brainwash both Izzy, the Green Ranger, and Javi, the Black Ranger. Similar to the events around the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin, Izzy had to work for the villains and help Void Queen steal the Sporix from the Power Rangers’ base. The two pretended to continue with their lives while secretly working for Void Queen, which is also what happened to Tommy.

Even the shirt Izzy was wearing in Dino Fury’s “Bad Vibes” looked a bit similar to the jacket Tommy Oliver wore in his first Power Rangers episode, “Green With Evil Part I.” Arguably the greatest Power Ranger to ever exist, Tommy Oliver was brainwashed by Rita Repulsa right after meeting Kimberly and the Mighty Morphin Rangers and became the Green Ranger. Tommy was not only the first “Evil Power Ranger,” but also the first sixth/extra Ranger, both tropes that remain part of the Power Rangers universe to this day. While Izzy’s time as an evil Green Ranger was short, it was a great callback to a classic Power Rangers arc.

Why Dino Fury’s Izzy Is One Of The Best Green Rangers Since Tommy

Power Rangers Dino Fury's Izzy the Green Ranger

The Power Rangers Dino Fury characters are among the show’s biggest strengths, and Tessa Rao’s Izzy is a standout. The first female Green Ranger and also the first openly LGBTQ+ character in a Power Rangers show, Izzy joined the team alongside her brother after the Red, Pink, and Blue Rangers were already operating as a group. Still, Izzy’s strength and sense of humor, the latter of which Power Rangers not always nails, quickly made the character a highlight of the show. While Tommy was a sixth Ranger and therefore had a more lore-heavy story, Izzy is undoubtedly one the best Green Rangers in Power Rangers history.

While the stories of Zayto, Aiyon, and Amelia (Power Rangers’ next Red Ranger) were more heavily linked to the main plot of Power Rangers Dino Fury – the Rafkon planet and the Sporix – Izzy was at the center of some of Dino Fury’s most important moments. For example, the Dino Fury Green Ranger stood up for her brother when Javi wanted to pursue a music career, gave up winning a marathon to save a rival, and learned in her Green Ranger form that her girlfriend loved her right before giving up her dream college to continue protecting the city. Izzy’s story will now continue in Power Rangers’ next show Cosmic Fury.

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