Nightwing’s ‘Batmobile’ is the Car Batman Should Be Driving

Nightwing keys fans in on what makes his high-tech ride different from the ‘Batmobile’, and raises the argument that Batman should have a car like it.

It seems that Nightwing has a ‘Batmobile’ of his own that would be a better fit for Batman. In Joker: Last Laugh #1, Dick Grayson accidentally makes the case that his car would be the perfect automobile for the Dark Knight.

It’s one of the biggest staples in the Batman franchise. While the Caped Crusader spends many of his evenings running from rooftop to rooftop, chasing Gotham’s many criminals, he also patrols the city from the streets. To aid his ground-level work, Bruce Wayne utilizes one of the greatest tools in his entire armory: a revolutionary vehicle known as the Batmobile. Armed to the teeth with an assortment of weapons and a speed that’s practically unmatched, Batman’s car helps take his mission to the next level. Not to mention, its striking appearance as it jets down the streets of Gotham reinforces Batman’s image as an elite crime-fighter.


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Nightwing’s ‘Nightbird’ Puts A Twist On The Batmobile

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon with Nightbird DC Comics

But Nightwing’s car has one thing that might make it a better fit for Batman than his decked out Batmobile. In Joker: Last Laugh #1 by Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, and Pete Woods, Dick Grayson is taking Barbara Gordon out for a night on the town to help her get her mind off of the Joker. Barbara is pretty tense and their conversation for the evening largely revolves on the argument on whether the Joker should continue living or not. However, Dick manages to salvage the evening and make it a pleasant experience for them. They return home and enter through the garage, where Barbara sees Dick’s muscle car that Tim Drake has dubbed the ‘Nightbird’. When asked if he’s going to do anything to the body of his car, Dick insists that the Nightbird is meant to blend in, rather than stand out.

Granted, there’s more than meets the eye with Nightwing’s take on the Batmobile. The Nightbird might look like an average car, but it actually contains just as many gadgets and gizmos as Batman’s ride. In addition to weaponry and disguise modes, the car also comes with a state-of-the-art computer, as well as a frame that absorbs bullets to protect civilians from ricochets. The one thing that Dick’s car has that the Batmobile doesn’t is that it looks like a pretty standard vehicle, something Batman may want to consider for his own automobile.

Batman Needs A Car With Stealth, Not Nightwing

The Batmobile stands out from every other car and draws the attention of anyone who so much glances at it. That suits Nightwing just fine as he’s one for the limelight, but Batman relies more often on being undetected. That’s a hard thing to do with a car, but not so much when one drives a vehicle that easily blends in with others. Sure, an average car like Dick’s doesn’t stand out so much, but that’s exactly the sort of thing that can help Bruce easily sneak up on others. Instead of a Batmobile, Batman should consider a ride a bit more low-key like Nightwing’s.

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