New Blood Could Have A Sequel If One Claim Was A Lie

Dexter: New Blood was only meant to be one season, but many still want to witness Harrison’s journey. This could happen if one plot point was a lie.

Even though the Dexter reboot Dexter: New Blood was only meant to be one season, there is a way to continue the show without retconning the ending — but only if one claim is a lie. Dexter: New Blood brings the titular serial killer’s estranged son Harrison to the forefront, exploring his less-than-savory proclivities while delving into Dexter’s regrets from the past. Little is mentioned about Harrison’s life in South America before his journey to Iron Lake, where he lived with his adoptive mother and fellow killer, Hannah McKay. However, New Blood illustrates that Harrison shares similarities with his father, despite not being raised by him.


The Dexter: New Blood ending sees Dexter killed for breaking Harry’s code and Harrison driving off to an uncertain future. This mirrors that of the original in its protagonist leaving to start a new life. However, the important difference is Harrison won’t continue to be a killer for fear of retconning the entire message of New Blood. However, there is some disappointment at New Blood ending after only one season. There are few satisfying ways that New Blood could continue, save for one exception in which a significant claim made by Harrison would have to be a lie.

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New Blood Season 2 Can Happen If Hannah Is Still Alive

Hannah sitting at a restaurant with a young Harrison on Dexter.

The only way Dexter: New Blood season 2 could happen is if turns out Hannah McKay is still alive, making Harrison’s assertion that she died of cancer a lie. Hannah is a serial killer introduced in Dexter season 7 and remains Dexter’s love interest for the rest of the series until Dexter moves to Iron Lake to start over. She becomes Harrison’s adoptive mother and plans to flee with Dexter and his son to Argentina. After Dexter ditches the two of them, they start a new life as mother and son in South America. In New Blood, Harrison tells Dexter that Hannah died of pancreatic cancer and that he was subsequently raised in the foster care system.

Hannah’s death in Dexter: New Blood seems like a cop-out for the series to take, prompting theories about whether it is a poorly crafted lie by Harrison. Hannah gives no indication she is sick during her time on Dexter, and there’s no proof other than Harrison’s word. In addition, Hannah isn’t a character that’s above faking her death. The only way a sequel to New Blood could work would be if Hannah is still alive and Harrison returns to her after his experiences in Iron Lake. Seeing a return to their mother-son relationship would add further insight into Harrison’s character, as he’s arguably the new protagonist in the Dexter universe.

What A Hannah & Harrison New Blood Story Could Be

Dexter Hannah caused Harrisons dark passenger not dexter

Harrison’s future after Dexter: New Blood would be entirely different if Hannah is still in the picture, especially if she keeps killing. Since Hannah sees murder as more of a “survival of the fittest” ordeal, likely, she wouldn’t stop when push comes to shove. Given everything that happens to Harrison throughout New Blood between Kurt and Dexter, the relationship between Harrison and his adoptive mother would be complex upon his return. Hannah would assuredly find out what happened to Dexter from Harrison. Concluding her former lover essentially went off the deep end and is now dead would add another intriguing dynamic between her and Harrison.

If a sequel to New Blood is to happen, it would have to focus on Hannah and Harrison’s relationship and her hand in possibly creating Harrison’s dark passenger in Argentina. This would mean his assertion about Hannah would either have to be a lie on his part or that she faked her death, which would result in a similar outcome to how Harrison finds Dexter. This would be the only way Dexter: New Blood could continue, as turning Harrison into a killer again would retcon the ending.

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