Moon Knight Has Lost His Greatest Power

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Moon Knight, Marc Spector learns a dark new truth about his greatest ability and Khonshu, his estranged god.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Moon Knight #19In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Moon Knight, Marc Spector loses one of his most powerful abilities thanks to Khonshu, the estranged god who made him his Fist of Vengeance. While Marc recently took down the biggest organization of vampires in New York, the cost was the death of the Hunter’s Moon, Khonshu’s other Fist. However, the Hunter’s Moon eventually returned from the grave, carrying a dark warning for Moon Knight and his future conflicts.


In the new Moon Knight #19 from Jed MacKay and Federico Sabbatini, the Hunter’s Moon joins Moon Knight on a mission underground, far below the streets of New York to Subterranea. As they fight to protect a group of Moloids who sought the help of the Midnight Mission, Badr explains how Khonshu brings his Fists back from the dead. While their physical bodies are restored, every resurrection take a small piece of a Fist’s mind until there’s nothing left. As twisted as that is, Hunter’s Moon also reveals that Khonshu gave him a message, confirming that so long as he remains imprisoned, he won’t be able to bring Moon Knight and Hunter’s Moon back as usual.

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Will Moon Knight Finally Free Khonshu From His Imprisonment?

Moon Knight Loses Resurrection Power

Khonshu has been held prisoner on Asgard ever since the moon god tried to take over the world and steal the Avengers’ powers, and Marc Spector has been content to let him remain in captivity. “The Age of Khonshu” event was a major turning point for Marc where he decided he would no longer serve Khonshu while still continuing to protect the travelers of the night on his own terms. However, it seems as though Khonshu will need to be freed sooner rather than later, especially if Marc wants to be resurrected should some foe get in a lucky shot and bring about his demise.

Even if Marc decides Khonshu should remain imprisoned, it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where the Hunter’s Moon takes it upon himself to free their god. After all, Badr is a far more devout and faithful Fist than Marc ever has been. He probably wants their god to be freed and back to his full power as soon as possible.

Given Marc’s line of work and the reckless brutality of his tactics, losing his ability to be resurrected is a pretty big deal for Khonshu’s Fist of Justice. As such, the odds are quite strong that the Egytian moon god will be given his freedom in the issues to come. Moon Knight #19 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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