Mephisto’s Plan For The Multiverse Is Finally Revealed

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers Forever #15The longest storyline in the history of the Avengers is about to conclude, and as is customary, the villain’s ultimate plan is revealed at the last possible moment. Mephisto, the powerful and scheming demon lord, engineered a multiversal war with the purpose of breaking through the God Quarry and unleashing the dormant energies of the First Cosmos, which will eventually destroy the entirety of creation.

Avengers Forever #15, by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Mark Farmer, and Frank Martin, shows the (almost) final stages of the battle between the multiversal army assembled by the Avengers on one side, and Mephisto and the legions of Doom Supreme on the other. While Doom keeps the Avengers busy, Mephisto unveils his true plan. The battle was only a way to break through the God Quarry and unleash “the liquefied leavings of an ancient multiverse” that lay beyond it, to spread entropy and destroy everything and everyone.

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Mephisto Wants To Destroy The Multiverse, Not Rule It

Mephisto destroys the Quarry of Creation in Avengers Forever

The God Quarry is a mysterious location at the edge of space and time, made by the stratified remains of the gods who died trying to access its hidden power. Also known as the Quarry of Creation, it was revealed during the Infinity Wars event that this is a barrier that can allow access to the First Cosmos, the original universe where the Celestials were created, before their wars shattered reality and created the Multiverse. Mephisto and Doom Supreme were supposedly trying to access the power of the Quarry in order to reshape the current Multiverse (the Eighth Cosmos) to their liking, but the demon lord has actually a different vision.

It turns out that the Quarry is not actually the boundary with the First Cosmos, but a dam that keeps “the waters of entropy” at bay. Once that dam is shattered, everything will be consumed, and that was Mephisto’s plan all along. Hopefully, the finale of this long saga (coming in Avengers Assemble: Omega) will at least explain the mysteries of the Quarry of Creation. In Marvel’s cosmology, every iteration of the Multiverse is destroyed before the next one is born, so the “survival” of the First Cosmos beyond the Quarry always seemed unusual. This is also a chance to explain the controversial finale of Infinity Wars, in which Loki passed through the Quarry and found a host of Celestials holding the Infinity Stones.

The Secret Of The Quarry Of Creation Will Be Finally Revealed

The true nature of Mephisto’s plan seems quite surprising, as the demon never shared Thanos’ dreams of entropy and nihilism, but actually had the ambition to rule creation, not destroy it. Unleashing a multiversal war and manipulating thousands of pawns across time and space also seems a very complicated setup just to break the barrier of the Quarry of Creation, even if Mephisto is known for being a Machiavellian schemer. Fans will have to wait for the conclusion of Jason Aaron’s epic Avengers saga to see if Mephisto‘s plan actually makes sense and to learn the secrets of the Quarry of Creation and the First Cosmos.

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Avengers Forever #15 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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