Marvel’s Gold Goblin Fixes The Biggest Problem With Iron Man’s Name

Iron Man’s name is one of his biggest problems when it comes to accuracy, but the newly-reformed Green Goblin fixes the issue with a single line.

Warning: SPOILERS for Gold Goblin #3

Marvel’s Iron Man may be a fan-favorite superhero, but the accuracy of his name leaves much to be desired… and the Green Goblin is left to fix it. Tony Stark is defined by his armor, and has made multiple advancements over the decades to allow it to stand up to villains from the Iron Monger to Thanos. But while Stark’s armor is certainly a technological achievement, it doesn’t quite live up to its name. A point proven by the events of Gold Goblin #3, proving Norman Osborn beats Stark in one particular fashion.


In current comics continuity, Norman Osborn is no longer the Green Goblin; his sins have been cleansed at the end of Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man run and has vowed to change for the better and become a hero. To that end, he re-purposes his old armor, adds a few modifications, and becomes the heroic Gold Goblin. Initially a masked vigilante, his identity is compromised during his first outing, forcing him ro reconcile with his own dark and villainous past.

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To make matters worse, Norman Osborn is currently in Manhattan during the Dark Web event, and in Gold Goblin #3, written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Lan Medina, Osborn races through the city observing the devastation. He quickly spots a house on fire and dashes in, saving two hostages from a re-animated stuffed bear. “Don’t worry, kids, I’m 24 karats,” explains Norman. “My melting point is 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit. And Mr. Binky’s is much lower…” In one breath, Norman explains how his armor protects him – and how Tony’s does not.

Gold Goblin’s Armor Actually Lives Up To His Name

Gold Goblin saves people from a fire

Nearly every armored suit belonging to Tony Stark has a famous red/gold color scheme (excluding some specific armors, including his Arctic suit and his original gray armor). Unfortunately, Tony’s armor is neither gold, nor iron (while those metals are almost certainly incorporated into the suit in some fashion, the real suit is primarily created out of fictional materials). Osborn, on the other hand, does show the benefits to an all-gold armor: it is extraordinarily fireproof.

Unfortunately, gold is quite a subpar metal in many other situations, namely fighting supervillains and traveling to space (if Gold Goblin’s suit even has that capability). Norman Osborn has quite a ways to go before becoming a superhero at the level of the Avengers, Spider-Man, or even Tony Stark. But at the very least, he’s actively trying to improve himself, and even Iron Man, with his many issues and problems of his own, would be proud of the newly-reformed Green Goblin.

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