Marvel Is Failing Miles Morales by Pretending He’s a Rookie (He Isn’t)

Marvel is obsessed with Miles Morales making completely rookie mistakes as Spider-Man, but he’s been a major superhero for years.

Warning: spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #2!In Marvel continuity, Miles Morales has been Spider-Man for years, beginning as a preteen and even taking a lengthy hiatus when the pressures of superheroism got too much for his teenage life. Since then, Miles has fought world-shaking villains, traveled through time, and even altered reality, and yet Marvel keeps treating him like a total newbie.

Miles Morales just can’t seem to catch a break. Much like Peter Parker’s life when he was in high school, Miles is having to juggle supervillains, school, and his social life all at the same time. Recently, the young Spider-Man took a beating from Scorpion and was suspended from school after losing his temper with a teacher, all while New York’s anti-vigilante task force nip at his heels. Things take an especially weird turn when he encounters a low level villain named Bumbler with some new upgrades.


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In Miles Morales: Spider-Man #2 by Cody Ziglar and Federico Vicentini, Miles goes out and tries to investigate how Bumbler came across his new power upgrades. He eventually crosses paths with Misty Knight, who is carrying out an investigation of her own. Miles suggests a team-up, to which Misty reluctantly agrees. However, she is constantly having to give Miles tips and lessons about detective work. Miles is lectured as if he is a brand-new superhero, despite having literally been trained in espionage by the X-Men’s time-traveling soldier Cable, even acting as a cross-universe spy in End of the Spider-Verse.

Miles Morales Has Been A Hero For Years

miles morales is taught by misty knight

This has been a common trend with Miles lately. Because he is a teenager, Marvel keeps writing him as if he is new to the superhero game, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Miles has been in so many superhero adventures that he probably has a lot more experience than most adult superheroes who only appear in sporadic supporting roles. The simple fact that Miles has come from a completely different universe and survived Doctor Doom’s Secret Wars shows that he has a lot of superhero craziness under his belt, even before considering that he survived a civil war which tore America apart in his home reality, the Ultimate Universe, and fought as a member of the secret resistance during Secret Empire, when an evil version of Captain America rose to power.

Miles Morales Is a Major Hero, Not a Rookie

miles morales ultimates

This idea that Miles is still making rookie mistakes occurs throughout the issue, for instance when he makes a video call to his friend Ganke while wearing his mask. This is incredibly irresponsible as his friend is in public, and any passing glance would risk Miles’ identity and Ganke’s safety. Miles has served on the main Avengers roster and had integral parts in Civil War II as well as the Spider-Verse crossovers and a multitude of other stories, and is well beyond acting as if he’s new to the superhero game. As thrilling as his new adventures are, Marvel is failing Miles Morales by depicting the hero as if he hasn’t earned the Spider-Man mantle a dozen times over.

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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #2 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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