Magneto Being Scarlet Witch’s MCU Father Would Improve Her Villain Story

Wanda’s villainous twist may not just be out of desperation to reunite her family – it may be revealed that the dark side is actually in her blood.

Scarlett Witch‘s Marvel Cinematic Universe story could be enhanced by the possibility the Magneto is her MCU father. In the comics, Magento was Wanda’s biological father, but Marvel writers have recently undone that storyline. It was revealed that Magento was lying to Wanda and Pietro in the comics all along, and he actually wasn’t their father but instead using the supposed family ties to use them.

Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlett Witch, has been a part of the MCU since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron when she and her twin brother were introduced as morally complicated anti-heroes who worked with Ultron against the Avengers. She eventually became a hero in her own right, helping to win the war against Thanos, before her descent into downright villainy in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Many saw Scarlet Witch’s villain turn as a mistake but Magneto could help improve her villain story.


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How Magneto Can Improve Scarlet Witch’s MCU Story

Scarlet Witch Sacrifice Doctor Strange 2

Scarlet Witch has suffered greatly within the MCU, starting with the death of her parents when she was just a child and extending all the way to her having to kill Vision in Avengers: Infinity War. With many more heartbreaking moments in between, her snapping in WandaVision and creating a fake reality where she could finally be happy was tragically sweet, as all she wanted was a simple life and a family. When she was brought to her senses and undid the false reality, audiences felt for her, but her spiral down to villainous murder felt a little unexpected for some.

As Wanda has always toed the line between good and evil, introducing Magneto as her biological father would help enhance this particular storyline. While Wanda’s parents were shown in WandaVision during a brief flashback, not much is said about them so Wanda (and Pietro) could have easily been orphans who were taken in. If Magneto is revealed to be her father, it would prove how evil was in Wanda’s blood and explain her more questionable choices, especially her choice to use the Darkhold despite knowing she would corrupt herself.

GOTG3 Could Explain Scarlet Witch’s True Origin

The High Evolutionary in front of a nebula in the MCU.

The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 may provide audiences with more explanation of Wanda’s true origin. The High Evolutionary is confirmed to be the villain in the movie, and he played a key role in Wanda’s story in the comics. High Evolutionary altered both Wanda and Pietro shortly after their births to give them powers for his own nefarious purposes. While many believed that the government experiments with the Infinity Stones were what gave the twins their powers in the MCU, WandaVision revealed that Wanda had her powers since she was a little girl although did not explain how she acquired them.

If it is revealed that Magneto, who has been heavily teased in the MCU, is Wanda’s father and the High Evolutionary gave her the mage-like powers she possesses, it would likely cement Wanda’s villain status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Wanda supposedly died in Multiverse of Madness, many characters don’t stay dead for long. With a possible reveal about the Scarlet Witch‘s backstory likely right around the corner, she may not be finished causing chaos with the MCU just yet.

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