Johnny Bananas Thinks Amber & Chauncey Are ‘Impressive’ On The Challenge

Johnny Bananas praises Amber and Chauncey’s relationship. He says the two are “impressive” for remaining strong within The Challenge house.

Johnny Bananas called Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer’s relationship ‘impressive” on his podcast discussing the latest episodes of The Challenge. Bananas’ podcast, titled Death, Taxes, and Bananas, focuses on the latest developments on The Challenge, inviting cast members to talk about their experiences. After Chauncey had a big week on The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 13 by helping his team win the daily challenge, he was featured on the podcast and opened up about his relationship with Amber. The two have been dating for about a year, and came on the show as each other’s ride-or-die partner.


On the latest episode of the podcast, seven-time Challenge champ Bananas was open about the respect and admiration he has for the relationship between Chauncey and Amber. Bananas told Chauncey on the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, “Even when things were as intense as they got, the two of you never wavered and you guys were just always by each other’s side. It was really impressive to watch.” The high praise came after Chauncey and Amber shared an emotional moment in The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 13. Chauncey felt immense guilt for winning the daily and putting Amber at risk of elimination, but she reassured him that he made the best choice for his personal game.

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Chauncey Says The Challenged Strengthened His Bond With Amber

Amber and Chauncey on The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

In response to the praise from Bananas, Chauncey was open about his love for Amber. He replied, “Going into the house, we already felt at our strongest, but then it only made us know why we wanted to be with each other more.” The Challenge house can strain relationships, but Amber already had experience in two prior seasons, including her rookie season when she won despite the odds. Ride or Dies is Chauncey’s rookie season, and he’s had a season-long struggle to protect Amber, while also prioritizing his own game. Despite the stress, the two remain bonded.

The Challenge Fans Believe Amber and Chauncey Are True Ride-or-Dies

Bananas’ appraisal of Amber and Chauncey’s genuine bond is quite accurate, especially after the two managed to stay calm and communicate after being separated due to the team twist. Other ride-or-die pairs, like Faysal Shafaat and Moriah Jadea, quickly turned against each other once the teams took effect. Rather than instantly becoming competitive, Amber and Chauncey agreed to play their own games, while still trying to look out for each other. When Chauncey was overcome with guilt for beating Amber’s team during a women’s elimination week, Amber reassured him and the two communicated their feelings. Having genuine duos helps The Challenge: Ride or Dies format.

After competing on 23 seasons of The Challenge, Bananas has seen several “showmances” come and go. His genuine admiration of Chauncey and Amber’s relationship speaks to the bond they share. Viewers sometimes question the validity of certain relationships on the show, pondering over whether the edit is telling an accurate story of what goes on within the house. The Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast is meant to give an honest look behind the scenes of The Challenge, and Bananas’ report of Amber and Chauncey’s strong relationship confirms that the two are genuinely united. Amber and Chauncey have a good shot at winning The Challenge.

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