Is Quantumania The Last Film On Paul Rudd’s Marvel Contract? What We Know

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania begins a new dynasty in the MCU, but it may also bring about the tragic end of Paul Rudd’s beloved Avenger.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is quickly approaching and, while it may bring many exciting changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film may also mark the final film on Paul Rudd’s contract. The upcoming movie will hit theaters in February, kicking off the start of Phase 5 and the second act of the Multiverse Saga by introducing Kang the Conqueror in anticipation of his battle with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. However, given the stark change of tone between Quantumania and previous Ant-Man movies, as well as certain behind-the-scenes factors, some theories suggest that the upcoming film may mark the death of Scott Lang.


Quantumania kicks off 2023’s litany of superhero films, already hinting at how its events may affect Scott Lang moving forward. After portraying the character since 2015, Paul Rudd has become a staple of the franchise and one of the longest-serving Avengers. For actors who have been a part of the MCU for long stretches of time, it is not uncommon for their contracts to fall under heavy scrutiny as they approach each new film. And although Marvel rarely makes the details of their contracts public, the studio does reveal enough information to deduce the general timeframe in which an actor is reaching the end of their obligations to the franchise.

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How Many Movies Are On Paul Rudd’s Marvel Contract?

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Ant-Man becomes the first Avenger to meet Kang in the MCU, leaving some doubt as to whether the beloved hero will survive his encounter with the supervillain during the events of Quantumania. A look at Paul Rudd’s initial agreement with Marvel Studios, which dates all the way back to 2014, when his casting was announced, seems to imply that his character may indeed be reaching his imminent demise. While the details of Rudd’s contract remain unknown, a Hollywood Reporter interview with the actor and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige ahead of the first Ant-Man‘s release in 2015 seemingly reveals how many films he had originally signed on for.

After leaving Ant-Man out of the MCU’s Phase 1, Marvel evidently doubled down on the character’s importance to the franchise right away, immediately signing Paul Rudd for an entire trilogy of solo films in addition to potential appearances in major crossovers. When asked how many films Rudd was signed on for, Feige indicated that “three [films] is the minimum,” before elaborating that the actor was given a “three-plus-plus” option, indicating that he had an additional two non-Ant-Man movie appearances built into his initial deal with Marvel Studios. With his appearances in Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame, Quantumania indeed marks Paul Rudd’s fifth, and potentially final, MCU film.

Marvel’s New Approach To Contracts Makes Rudd’s Future Hard To Predict

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Marvel Studios is known for its multi-film contracts, which often require actors to sign on for a large number of films at a time when accepting a role. In contrast to other actors in the MCU, Paul Rudd’s five-film deal is actually rather short, especially when compared to someone like Sebastian Stan, who indicated that his original Marvel deal included nine film appearances (via The Hollywood Reporter). However, following the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios appears to have loosened its grip around its cast, developing shorter contracts that require a far smaller commitment and are, therefore, much less intimidating for actors to sign.

While the shakeup in how Marvel creates contracts is good for its actors, it makes it difficult to determine Ant-Man’s future in the franchise as Paul Rudd evidently reaches the end of his initial agreement. Because the shorter contracts make it much easier for actors to extend their tenure in the MCU without fear of locking themselves into nine-film commitments, Rudd could easily sign another far shorter deal with Marvel that will keep Ant-Man around for a little longer. This would allow him to appear in titles like Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, despite these films not being included in his initial agreement with Marvel Studios.

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Will Ant-Man Really Die In Quantumania?

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Although they can be a good method of determining a character’s trajectory, Marvel’s contracts don’t confirm an Avenger’s death. The contractual obligations and legal minutia that take place behind the scenes are far less important than what works best for a character’s story. Even if Quantumania is the last film on Paul Rudd’s contract, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that Ant-Man will die in the upcoming film. Even if Scott Lang does take his final bow in Quantumania, the creative team behind the movie may find an alternate exit for the character that doesn’t require his death. As is the case for all the Avengers, what matters most is the story.

Audiences still know very little about Ant-Man and the Wasp’s next adventure, but certain moments in Quantumania‘s recent trailers provide evidence of Ant-Man’s death after all. Scott’s battle with Kang certainly appears to be a losing one, and with Cassie already set to take her father’s place as a superhero, the film may very well end tragically for Ant-Man. Nevertheless, as the only Avenger to have met Kang so far, Scott may prove too important to the first act of The Kang Dynasty to die so early in Phase 5, leaving questions of his survival unanswerable until Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania finally hits theaters in February.

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