Invincible’s First Costume Teases His Future Replacement

Mark Grayson’s first costume in Invincible teases his future replacement, but it is unclear when the comic character will join the show.

Mark Grayson’s first Invincible costume teases his future replacement, Bulletproof. Prime Video’s animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comics is an incredibly faithful version of the story readers already know. Invincible season 1 brought many classic moments and characters from the source material to life in a new way. This included giving Mark Grayson his standard comic costume for the majority of the first eight episodes.

Although the design has been updated slightly, Invincible’s costume is still yellow and blue in the animated show to match the comics. Before he gets his standard costume from designer Art Rosenbaum, Invincible is shown fighting some criminals in his normal clothes. He also tries on some other options when he and his heroic father Omni-Man eventually visit with Art. The scene includes glimpses of some other superhero costumes that the legendary superhero suit maker has created. It is through this sequence that Invincible even teases Mark’s future replacement.


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Invincible’s Orange & Yellow Suit Hints At Bulletproof

Invincible Show Bulletproof Costume

Invincible season 1 teases Bulletproof’s arrival in the future by having Invincible wear an orange and yellow suit. While Invincible’s orange and yellow suit does retain one color that becomes part of his main suit, the show explains that this is a costume that Art created before and never sold. This doubles as a fun reference to the comics and set up for the future. Before Robert Kirkman settled on Invincible’s costume in the comics, this suit was considered to be Mark’s primary look. He even wears it in a similar sequence in the comics, but this will not be the last time Invincible features the orange and yellow suit.

Invincible‘s orange and yellow suit will eventually be worn by Bulletproof. Zandale Randolph got superpowers through experiments by his twin brother and begins to wear the orange and yellow costume once his superhero lifestyle begins. While this helps lead to Bulletproof joining the Guardians of the Globe, he later begins posing as Invincible at a time when Mark Grayson is not fit to be a hero. The evolution of Bulletproof replacing Mark connects to how the Invincible comics changed during development, as Bulletproof was at one time considered to be Invincible’s name.

When Bulletproof Will Appear In The Invincible Show

Invincible Bulletproof Comics

Bulletproof did not appear in Invincible season 1 even though the character was part of the Guardians of the Globe auditions that occurred around the same time in the comics. This has left some mystery about when Bulletproof will appear in Invincible. The show has already removed Bulletproof from key sequences like fighting Battle Beast and Machine Head’s other villains. With Invincible changing the comics in this way, it is clear that Zandale’s first appearance is being delayed until later on – possibly when he will play a more central role.

There is a chance that Bulletproof will appear in Invincible season 2 in some form, but his introduction could also be saved for season 3. It seems unlikely that the show will get to the Viltrumite War and Mark’s infection with the Scourge Virus in the second season. Those are the storylines where Bulletproof is needed most if he is to fulfill his comic destiny of being Invincible’s replacement to help Atom Eve. So, Invincible could wait another season or two before bringing Bulletproof into the storyline.

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