How to Unlock the Phaethon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Unlocking the Phaethon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV requires players to get a specific resource exclusive to a new map and Dungeon from 6.3.

Out of the plethora of exciting content that Patch 6.3: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble has added to Final Fantasy XIV, the Phaethon Mount is undoubtedly one of the update’s highlights. This majestic yet fiery steed-like beast possesses a jagged ember horn protruding from its crown, with blazing hair that composes its fabulous mane, bushy tail, and singeing frills across its body. Like a zebra, the Phaethon also has dark red stripes on its hide to give the Mount even more exoticness than it already has. Needless to say, this Mount is a must-have for ride collectors or those in love with flame-centric cosmetics.


To unlock the Phaethon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV, Warriors of Light must deliver three Burning Horns to the vendor Nesvaaz, an Au Ra Merchant who runs the Totem and Sundry Exchange in the West Balshahn Bazaar of Radz-at-Han. The Mount’s summoning item is the Phaethon Horn and can be found in the Out-of-this-world Oddities of Nesvaaz’s wares.

For those unfamiliar or who might have forgotten where Nesvaaz is located, he can be found at the coordinates (X: 10.5, Y: 10.1) on the northern half of the map.

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How To Unlock The Phaethon Mount in FFXIV

Trading Burning Horns with Nesvaaz for the Phaethon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Burning Horns is a rare new item acquired from the treasure chests discovered with Timeworn Ophiotaruoskin Treasure Maps or by braving the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon Dungeon accessed via the same maps. Unfortunately, these horns are not shared drops, meaning that if players find the item within the final chest of the Dungeon, they must roll Need or Greed to acquire them. Therefore, players might need to grind the maps and Dungeon instance multiple times before they can gather the three Burning Horns needed to buy the Phaethon Mount from Nesvaaz in Final Fantasy XIV. Regarding how the Timeworn Ophiotaruoskin Treasure Maps are obtained, Disciple of the Land can acquire these maps by farming rare nodes in the Elpis region.

Alternatively, wealthy Warriors of Light, such as FFXIV content creator Meoni, can purchase the Timeworn Ophiotaruoskin Treasure Maps, the Burning Horns, or even the Phaethon Mount itself from the Market Board. Naturally, the investment for spending Gil on any of these items might go upwards of hundreds of thousands to millions of Gil. Of course, the prices will depend on the server, but no adventurer should expect a low price for such rarities. If players have companions to play with in FFXIV, buying and farming the Timeworn Ophiotaruoskin Treasure Maps might be the most time- and Gil-worthy investment for acquiring Phaethon in FFXIV.

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