How To Open Blue Chests In Dragon Quest Treasures

In order for players to unlock blue chests in Dragon Quest Treasures, they must first obtain a blue key through a certain Adventure Questline.

Blue chests are one of three colored treasure chests in the Nintendo Switch-exclusive RPG adventure Dragon Quest Treasures. Players can open colored treasure chests in Dragon Quest Treasures by obtaining the same-colored key from completing Princess Anemone’s questline. This questline is one of the game’s Adventure Quests, which requires players to assist certain characters, in this case, Princess Anemone.

For players to open locked blue treasure chests, they must first obtain blue keys. For players hoping to obtain these keys, they need only complete Princess Anemone’s questline. Players can find Princess Anemone in The Hinterquarters, although they’ll need a recruitable monster in Dragon Quest Treasures that has a Stealth Forte to get to where she is.


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How to Get Blue Keys in Dragon Quest Treasures

Anemone's introduction in Dragon Quest Treasures

When players find her, Princess Anemone will ask them to talk to her personal guards scattered across Draconia, which is the name of the land in Dragon Quest Treasures. While navigating this land, players will find certain obstacles on the map that require players’ use of Stealth to get past them, which is where the Stealth Forte Skill comes in handy. After players have equipped the right kind of monster with this skill, they can use the map below to locate Princess Anemone, a character who appears in DQ Treasures within The Hinterquarters, and start the quest:

A Map showing Princess Anemone's Location in Dragon Quest Treasures

The first step toward completing Princess Anemone’s questline in Dragon Quest Treasures involves players talking to the Princess’ three personal guards to find the locations of stone monuments around the islands. Each of these guards can be found at different Train Stations scattered throughout Draconia. The guard that gives players the blue key can be found at Bloodleaf Boulevard Station.

After meeting with the guard at Bloodleaf Boulevard Station, players will be directed toward a stone monument marked on their map. Players must examine the monument revealed on this Dragon Quest Treasures island of Draconia to unlock the next part of the quest. After examining the correct monument, players can return to the same personal guard, who will reward players with a blue key, allowing them to unlock blue chests as they find them throughout Draconia.

In summation, blue chests are one of three locked colored chests in Dragon Quest Treasures. Blue chests can be unlocked with blue keys, just like red or green chests can be unlocked with red and green keys. These keys can be acquired by following Princess Anemone’s questline, which leads players to find stone monuments in Dragon Quest Treasures, headed by the Princess’ royal guards. Players who speak with all three guards will have access to all three keys, but the one who awards the blue key can be found at Bloodleaf Boulevard Station in Cinderback Ridge.

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