How to Make Seeker Aspic (& What It’s For)

Introduced in Valheim’s new Mistlands update, the Seeker Aspic is the new top tier food recipe that gives the player 85 Eitr upon consumption.

Valheim is filled with several different meal recipes, and the new Mistlands update has introduced the Seeker Aspic to the game. While the Mistlands is still in beta and thus only available on the Public Test server, the Seeker Aspic is the highest tier food in the update, each one giving the player 85 Eitr on consumption.

Eitr, the magic resource in Valheim, plays the same role mana does in other games. It powers the new staff-type weapon introduced into the game, allowing players to cast fireballs or raise the dead. But to have Eitr, they need to consume special foods that give them a temporary Eitr bar which will regenerate over time so long as the food buff is still active, similar to how other foods increase the health and stamina bar. Seeker Aspic gives the most Eitr of any food, so the player who wants to toss around spells will want a lot of it.


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How To Craft Seeker Aspic In Valheim

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As the food’s name implies, the main enemy in Valheim’s Mistland biome, Seekers, are the main ingredient. Using two chunks of Seeker Meat, two Magecap mushrooms, and two chunks of Royal Jelly, the player can make two Seeker Aspics inside a level 5 cauldron. Like all crafting recipes in Valheim, the recipe will be unlocked automatically once the player has picked up the ingredients, so their focus should be on upgrading their cauldron and harvesting materials.

Seeker Meat drops from Seekers and Seeker Soldiers, one for 0 Stars, two for 1 Star, and four for 2 Stars. These enemies spawn semi-randomly in the Mistland Biome but can be most easily found near Dverger Towers. Magecaps are one of the two foods that grow in the Mistlands and can be farmed with a cultivator in Valheim. Royal Jelly’s the tricky ingredient.

Royal Jelly is found in the Mistland dungeons, Infested Mines, either from looting piles scattered around the floor or as loot from Seeker Broods. These dungeons are hard to clear, as the monsters infesting them are aggressive and numerous, prone to swarm attacks that can leave a player overwhelmed and outmatched. Therefore, proceed carefully and be willing to exercise patience.

Another way to get Royal Jelly in Valheim, but generally inefficient and unreliable, is to wait for The Queen to send swarms of Seekers to attack the player’s base. Of course, there will be some Seeker Broods among the enemies. But if the defenses aren’t good, things like the Yule Tree and Yuleklapp could be destroyed.

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