How to Level up Fast in One Piece Odyssey

XP needed to level up the Strawhat crew fast in One Piece Odyssey comes from battles, side quests, special enemies, and boosts given from parties.

One Piece Odyssey functions like a majority of JRPG titles by having individual party member XP leading to new abilities and stronger stats, but players have opportunities to farm this experience through unique mechanics for fast level-ups. While every battle against an enemy grants a reasonable amount of experience, enough to level up characters quickly in the opening chapter, it becomes harder to manage the further players venture into the narrative. As a trophy exists for getting all characters in the Strawhat crew to Level 70, players are encouraged to level up quickly and as often as possible for this rare achievement.


As stated before, simply fighting through many battles always gives XP toward a level up, yet players looking for a faster boost in experience should try throwing parties at camp to raise their XP gain. Exploring the regions of each chapter gives players a base camp along with several areas, such as taverns or bars, which have a Party feature. Celebrating with their crew of One Piece Odyssey characters leads players to have a huge increase in experience received from the next ten battles.

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Every Method to Level Up Fast in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Memory Cubes with Strawhat Crew + New Character Gained After Defeating Thunder Colossus

The easiest way to gain levels fast would be for players to complete every Side Story mission, optional fight, memory link, and bounty they come across. Every one of these missable pieces of content usually ties into a battle of sorts for XP, but there remains plenty of experience given for simply completing every aspect of these objectives. Bounties are especially rewarding, as players gain not only the XP needed for a fast level-up most of the time, but there are typically large Berry rewards for defeating certainly wanted opponents. Finally, players attempting to beat One Piece Odyssey‘s main story have many chances to find hidden content for extra XP if they so choose.

Perhaps the easiest way to find enemies with larger XP to farm is to use Luffy’s Observation Haki. This ability, honed from the captain’s two-year hiatus after the events of Marineford with Silvers Rayleigh, becomes a main feature in One Piece Odyssey to help players find elusive items. Players are recommended to spam their Observation Haki as often as possible when exploring to identify enemies with better XP drops in every region.

The final method for leveling up quickly comes from secondary objectives shown during combat, which appear as a fight begins to break out. These various goals appear randomly and are distinct going into every encounter. As characters go into battle in One Piece Odyssey, an alert message shows up on the screen to indicate their secondary objective. Typically, this ranges from having a specific person, such as Luffy, take out a foe to having to heal an ally before they get knocked out. No matter what this challenge happens to be, players that follow these mandates in One Piece Odyssey take an easy step to level up fast as they continue their adventure.

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