How To Get The Magmashell Snail Mount in World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Find out how to saddle up on Magmashell, the newest snail mount added to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and show off this slimy, fearsome friend!

With the update of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight comes a slew of new collectible mounts to the game that players are clamoring to obtain and add to their collection and show off at Stormwind or Orgrimmar’s auction house.

With the Season 1 update being put out, the fire snail mount Magmashell has quickly become a player favorite and amongst the best in World of Warcraft. This guide will show the fairly complex steps required to get one of these fiery, slimy mounts from the Dragon Isles. One of a suite of snail mounts that have been released, getting the Magmashell mount into your stables may be hard work, but it is worth the effort for its beauty.


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How to Unlock The Magmashell Mount in WoW: Dragonflight

A player using the Magmashell Mount in WoW: Dragonflight near a pool of lava

The first step to acquiring Dragonflight’s Magmashell mount requires heading to the first questing area of the Dragon Isles, the Waking Shore, where you’ll need to get an item called an Empty Magma Shell. The only way to get this item is to farm the mobs of the Waking Shore for it or, alternatively, browse the Auction House and hope to find one there, though it may set purchasing players back somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000 gold as of the current market prices, depending on the realm.

To take the challenging route and farm the item, players can head to the river of lava near the Obsidian Sanctum to the South. While a variety of mobs in The Dragon Isles have a chance of dropping the Empty Magma Shell, the best odds for a drop are off the Lavaslurpers that travel along the river here and the Basalt Shell mobs. The odds of this dropping off these creatures is about 1 in 100, so be prepared to spend a lot of time in farming for this item in WoW: Dragonflight.

Once a player has acquired the Empty Magma Shell item, they can move on to the next step, which will require traveling North to Scalecracker Keep on the northern edge of the map. Towards the top of the mountain that the Keep lies on, there will be a large pool of lava. This is to the East of the image on the map, around the coordinates 71 and 25. To get the mount, players need to get to the bottom of the pool of lava, where an NPC is called the Empowered Snail.

Once the player has reached the NPC with an Empty Magma Shell in their inventory, they can interact with the Empowered Snail to start channeling a spell called ‘Embiggening Snail’ that lasts 20 seconds. Unfortunately, the damage from being submerged in the lava will kill most characters after 20 seconds, so it can be challenging to complete the spell before the player’s character dies. To succeed, players need a way to out-heal the damage reliably. The best way is to have a healer accompany them or cast a Heal-over-time spell before jumping into the pool, such as with World of Warcraft‘s new class, the Evoker, on the Preservation tree.

The alternative method to get to the bottom of the pool (and perhaps the way the developers intended) is to acquire the Everlasting Horn of Lavaswimming item. This will allow players to avoid all damage from lava pools on the Overworld on the Dragon Isles for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this item is a Toy and can only be acquired from event rewards. Recently, it can be dropped from the Dragonbane Keep Reward Chests. Once a player completes channeling the spell, they’ll have World of Warcraft: Dragonflight‘s new fiery pet snail to ride and call their own.

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