How To Get The Hand Cannon Foam Finger Weapon

The Dead Space Remake’s silliest weapon is a red foam finger called the Hand Cannon, but unlocking the weapon is one of the most difficult challenges.

The Dead Space Remake has a lot of awesome weapons, from the signature Plasma Cutter to the classic Pulse Rifle, but the strangest and most secretive weapon would be the Read Foam FInger Hand Cannon. This weapon is a red foam finger that, despite being a joke weapon, still does incredible damage. Unfortunately, players will have to pour a lot of time into the game if they wish to kill necromorphs with a foam finger.

The Dead Space Remake‘s weapons change has the majority of weapons scattered throughout the game rather than purchased in a shop, but the Hand Cannon is distinct from the main weapons. It is a special reward for beating the game at Impossible Mode. This is the toughest difficulty in the game and includes permadeath. Therefore, players will need to be prepared if they wish to use the Hand Cannon in the Dead Space Remake.


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How To Unlock The Hand Cannon In Dead Space Remake

A Necromorph attacks Isaac Clarke in a preview of the Dead Space remake

According to Windmill Productions, unlocking Impossible Mode to earn the Dead Space Remake‘s Hand Cannon first requires defeating the game in Hard Mode. The constitution of Isaac and the necromorphs is the same in both Hard Mode and Impossible Mode, meaning players should focus on their maximum health in the Dead Space Remake. As players collect the various weapons found in the game, there are a few they should focus on to cement their chances of success in either mode. These would be the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, and Force Gun.

Players can increase their chances of a successful Impossible Mode run by understanding how the difficulty level works. They get one save slot and no autosave. Dying means restarting from the beginning of the game or resetting the run’s difficulty to Hard. This feature makes getting the Hand Cannon incredibly difficult. However, if players use the right weapons and collect the best Dead Space Remake schematics, they will have the best set-up for defeating necromorphs in this mode.

If players can survive the horrors of Impossible Mode, they will get the Burnished Suit and finally get to use Dead Space Remake‘s funniest weapon, the Foam Finger Hand Cannon. The foam finger helps defuse some of the horror and tension of the game with its simple sound effects. When players fire, it will either make a “pew pew” sound or a “bang” sound, as in someone saying those words.

While this may annoy some, the foam finger’s ability to one-shot necromorphs cannot be doubted. Using the Hand Cannon can make Dead Space Remake bosses like the Leviathan easy to kill. Wielding a red foam finger throughout a playthrough of the Dead Space Remake is one of the best examples of bragging rights players can sport in this classic horror game.

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    EA Motive, developers of Star Wars Battlefront II’s campaign, handles the next chapter of Dead Space’s sci-fi horror with the remake of the original title, Dead Space. Set in the 26th century, engineer Isaac Clarke joins a team sent to investigate the recent radio silence that has fallen on the “planet cracker” vessel, the USG Ishimura. Isaac’s stake is personal, as the final distress signal came from Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. Unfortunately, their arrival is hardly welcoming, as the team is immediately besieged by mutated, undead versions of Ishimura’s crew members. To save Nicole, any survivors of the ship, and himself, Isaac must learn to adapt and dispatch his foes in seemingly less conventional ways. Like the original, the only way to kill the zombified crew is to cut off their limbs using weaponized engineering tools Isaac procures. The Dead Space remake will utilize some Dead Space 2 team members and will be released on January 27 2023.

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