How To Get Sorted Into Your Hogwarts Legacy House (Early)

Ahead of Hogwarts Legacy’s release, players can put the Sorting Hat on right now and transfer this information to use in-game before release day.

Ahead of the release of Hogwarts Legacy next month, aspiring witches and wizards can get ahead of their new classmates by putting on the famous Sorting Hat right now. While fans are set to receive their Hogwarts letters soon, a special test is available right now for prospective students, allowing them to be Sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin in preparation for release day. By completing their Hogwarts Sorting ahead of time, players can transfer this data to their Warner Bros Games accounts and have their test results reflected in-game as they attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Players who’d prefer to participate in the Sorting in-game after meeting some of Hogwarts Legacy’s new and familiar faces can always do so. However, to help the ceremony run smoothly on the day, players can head to the Wizarding World website and select the Hogwarts Sorting tab. Of course, this whole process requires a Wizarding World account. It’s also worth noting that the Sorting Hat’s decision is final, so avid fans with existing accounts will need to create new accounts with different email addresses if they’d like to be Sorted again.

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Getting Sorted Into A House Early In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Wizarding World Hogwarts Sorting Tab Circled
Step One: Select Hogwarts Sorting

Players can take part in a short but somewhat cryptic quiz that will Sort them into their Hogwarts houses. The questions are generally based on gut feeling and personal preference rather than testing players’ knowledge of the magical arts. Honest answers are always best; after all, heroes have come from all four houses, and Hufflepuff’s common room is impressively cozy. On the site, players can also take another quiz to find a wand. This will also carry over into Hogwarts Legacy, making the game a more personal experience.

Once they’ve been Sorted, players can head over to the account linking page and follow the instructions to create or log into their WB Games Accounts. Once this is complete, players should find their accounts are linked together, so their Hogwarts Legacy characters will share their Hogwarts houses and their wands. According to the site, players who complete this process can also grab some awesome exclusive in-game rewards. This includes a unique school robe and a mask, potentially a fitting accessory for battles in Hogwarts Legacy’s paywalled Dark Arts Battle Arena.

Hogwarts Legacy WB Games Account Connections Page
Step Four: Head to WB Games Account Connections and link platform accounts

Players should also complete an important step by linking their WB Accounts to their respective platform accounts, such as Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Steam. This can be done at the WB Games Account Management site, ensuring that their Sorting and wand are both accurately reflected in-game. On release day, players can then jump straight into Hogwarts Legacy and experience Hogwarts for themselves.

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Source: Wizarding World, YouTube/Hogwarts Legacy

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