How To Earn Money in Warzone 2 DMZ (The Fast Way)

In order to tackle missions in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, players will have to complete contracts and loot areas to gain cash fast for items they desire.

The demilitarized (DMZ) mode of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 sees players take on missions in Al Mazrah, but many of these objectives are limited unless players earn enough money fast to embark upon them. A variety of weapons used not only in the standard battle royale mode but also within the DMZ itself are limited by the amount of cash players have obtained. Only through the completion of specific goals are players able to collect enough money quickly to purchase the items they desire or meet the prerequisite needed to begin other goals.


The easiest method to collect cash fast for new killstreaks and weapons is simply looting as many areas of the map as possible. Cash registers typically hold an above-average amount of cash within them and are located in most stores in Al Mazrah’s regions. Other sources of cash, such as drones, provide a reasonable chunk of change, as well as other items of high value, like Graphic Processing Units (GPU) seen in Warzone 2‘s offices or police stations. Killing other players who have looted enough of these items also remains an easy way to score big before extraction during the DMZ.

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Complete Contracts to Earn Cash Fast in Warzone 2

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Contracts Menu Legend with Bounty, Most Wanted, Intel, and Safecracker Icons Highlighted

The other strategy players may employ to get cash fast revolves around the multiple contracts they are given going into the DMZ mode. Acting as miniature missions, these contracts provide players upwards of $5,000 for their completion of a painless set of checkmarked objectives. While many of these contracts are relatively simple, a few can put players in between numerous enemy operators or AI opponents, so it may be worth teaming up with a squad to accomplish these tasks as a unit with powerful weapon loadouts in Warzone 2.


Objective Description

Secure Intel

Players must locate a hard drive designated by a magnifying glass on the map and download their contents at a nearby radio tower.

Geiger Search

Several uranium rods must be found through the use of a Geiger counter. These are also represented on the map by a magnifying glass icon.


Players need to infiltrate a base, rescue a hostage, and escort them back to the nearest exfil helicopter pad. This is shown through a pair of handcuffs on the map.


A name of a rival operative is given to the player, in which they must hunt and eliminate them by following the crosshair icon on their map.


Players receive a High-Value target, an enemy operative’s team with a large amount of loot or report in the DMZ, and must track and kill them using the Skull icon on their map.

Destroy Supplies

A bomb icon on players’ map reveals a group of enemy supplies that players must arm bombs to at multiple locations.

Cargo Delivery/Shipment

Either a boat or truck appears on the map through a Briefcase symbol on the map. Cargo must be delivered to this spot to complete the contract.

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