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One of the most interesting aspects of Stranded Deep is navigating the ocean and exploring shipwrecks and other islands. In theory, players can do this with the basic inflatable raft that they are provided with at the beginning of the game. However, this raft is extremely slow and not very enjoyable to use while exploring, and if players encounter some of the game’s more terrifying sea creatures they will find themselves capsized and killed very quickly. It’s better in the long run for players to build a raft in Stranded Deep themselves.


Raft building in Stranded Deep isn’t something that is explained very well, but will be integral to progressing through the world. There are many different shapes and types of rafts players can craft, and someone’s favorite design may change over time as they unlock the ability to craft better equipment in Stranded Deep.

Looking for a visual walkthrough on how to build a raft in Stranded Deep? Check out the YouTube video from Granddaddy Gamer below, which details exactly how raft building in the game works!

For players who want to build their own raft in Stranded Deep from the ground up, the first thing to do is start with the base.

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Stranded Deep: Crafting a Raft Base

A Barrel and Tire Raft on the beach in Stranded Deep 

All the components of raft building will be found within Stranded Deep’s crafting menu. Players will need to select the Raft Base aspect first, which will enable their raft to float. There are multiple types of materials that can be used to craft a raft base. Players will be able to build a raft in Stranded Deep out of sticks, buoy balls, tires, and even barrels that are found. Each of these items just needs to be lashed together in order to create a small floating section.

One of the most durable bases players can craft for rafts in Stranded Deep is the barrel base. Players will just need to track down three barrels and use one lashing to form them together. This base will hold up to a lot more damage from enemies than other, weaker materials. Players will usually find barrels tied up in shipwrecks in Stranded Deep; they just need to be cut out and dragged back to the player’s home island.

Stranded Deep: Crafting a Raft Floor

An image of a raft in Stranded Deep in the middle of construction when only the floor is visible

The next step for raft building in Stranded Deep is for players to construct a floor to stand on. Players will just need to select the floor component from the crafting menu before finding the materials necessary to craft it. Like the base, there are several types of floors that can be made, with some being better than others. Floors can be made out of sticks, planks, corrugated steel, or clay bricks. Once a floor is created players will just need to drag it to the base and attach it with a hammer.

Steel or bricks are by far the best options for building in Stranded Deep, but neither are particularly easy to acquire. Steel must be found washed up on shore or within shipwrecks and are not particularly common in the world. Bricks can be crafted, but it will take players a long time to get to that point. They will need to craft both a brick station and a furnace before finding clay to craft into bricks.

Stranded Deep Raft Building: Propulsion Systems

A Raft in Stranded Deep out in the ocean with a sail and a motor

There are two different ways to propel the raft in Stranded Deep, and players can combine both of these methods for a highly efficient raft. The slower but easier option is to craft a sail. Once crafted, players can simply attach the sail to their raft and use wind energy to propel their raft across the seas.

Sail Crafting Recipe







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The other method of propulsion may be a little more difficult for players to acquire, especially if they haven’t spent a lot of time exploring the world around them. Stranded Deep actually allows players to craft a boat motor that is much faster than the sail, but the pieces to do so aren’t naturally occurring, so they must be found on shipwrecks.

Engine Crafting Recipe

Duct Tape


Engine Part


Fuel Part


Filter Part


Electrical Part


On top of these items, players will also have to find gasoline to power the raft’s motor as well. Having a motor definitely makes it easier to get around the world of Stranded Deep faster, but until players locate all the necessary items it is likely they will be relying on wind power to avoid Stranded Deep‘s dangerous sea creatures.

Stranded Deep: Raft Building Components

A completed raft in Stranded Deep loaded up with crates

Players may think that with everything they have done their raft is perfectly capable of exploring the high seas, but they may ruin all of their hard work if they don’t invest in an anchor and rudder. Both items are extremely important to piloting a raft in Stranded Deep, and there is no reason to not own them considering they are relatively easy to build.

The rudder will be used to steer the boat in different directions. It’s fairly worthless to have a speeding raft that can’t be controlled. The rudder can be constructed by using a lashing, a cloth, and two sticks. Once this is attached to the raft, players will have full control of where they go. Additionally, players will be in for a bad time if their raft floats away while checking fish traps in Stranded Deep. This is why it is integral to attach a boat anchor to the raft to ensure that their creation stays in one place. The anchor just needs six rocks, a stick, and four lashings.

Stranded Deep: Important Raft Building Tips

A giant squid attacks a player's raft in Stranded Deep

The following shortlist should be kept in mind whenever trying to make a raft in Stranded Deep:

Players will need at least one base, floor, and propulsion system if they want their raft to work effectively.

Larger rafts can be constructed by hammering several bases and floors together.

Even larger and more durable rafts can be destroyed or knocked over by great whites or sea monsters.

Portions of a raft can be removed by using axes. That portion of the raft will be destroyed and players will not receive their materials back.

Crates can be added to rafts in order to allow resources like Stranded Deep’s healing items, food, and water to be stored for long journeys.

Players who take their time and invest in building the fastest, strongest raft in Stranded Deep possible will find traveling from island to island much more enjoyable. Just don’t build something small and load it up with every important item collected so far – tragedy (or sea monsters) can strike at any moment.

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