How Eddie Lucas Is The Most Accomplished Below Deck Cast Member

Eddie Lucas first appeared on Below Deck season 1 as a deckhand, and he has accomplished a lot over the years by rising through the ranks.

Eddie Lucas is a fan-favorite from Below Deck, and he has gone on to accomplish a lot since leaving the show. He started out as a deckhand on season 1 of the hit Bravo series back in 2013, and has worked his way up over the past decade. Eddie has a unique legacy on the show, as he and third stewardess Rocky Dakota had the first in a long line of Below Deck boatmances.

Eddie is not only known for starting the pattern of laundry room hookups, but because he rose through the ranks on Below Deck. The Maryland native said he has been sailing his whole life, and was always out on the water. His goal was to become a captain one day. Eddie’s first night on anchor watch on the show was spent babysitting a drunk charter guest, and fans loved hearing his witty commentary in the confessionals about it. Despite Below Deck season 1 lacking the drama of other seasons, Eddie returned for season 2 alongside Captain Lee Rosbach, Chef Ben Robinson, and stewardess Kat Held.


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Eddie Climbs The Ladder

Eddie Lucas Below Deck Bosun

Eddie was promoted to bosun on Below Deck season 2, and he felt like he had a lot to prove to Captain Lee. He did such a great job that he returned in season 3 as the bosun. His relationship with Rocky while he had a girlfriend back home took a toll on him, and turned many fans against him. Eddie returned to the franchise five seasons later with more experience and wisdom to share. Fans saw how much Eddie had matured, and he was promoted to First Officer, making him second in command of the luxury yacht.

Eddie Gets His Captain’s License

The final step in Eddie’s journey came recently, when he finally achieved his dream of becoming a captain. Though Eddie did not return to Below Deck, and had a lot to say about Bravo’s pay of its stars, he seems happier than ever in his new role. Eddie has gone back to his roots in Maryland, and announced on Instagram that he has officially become a captain of a harbor tug. Fans showed him a lot of love for his huge accomplishment, as he is one of the most accomplished cast members from the franchise.

Eddie grew to have a very close relationship with Captain Lee, and fans loved seeing their sweet exchange on Instagram. Captain Lee said how proud he was of Eddie, that he salutes him, and even addressed him as Captain Lucas. Captain Lee was not the only Below Deck cast member to congratulate Eddie, as Captain Glenn Shephard, Hannah Ferrier, and Josiah Carter all posted sweet comments too. Though fans are disappointed that Eddie will likely not be on Below Deck again, maybe one day there will be a spin-off about the tug boat crews that he could star in.

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