Housing Lottery System & Schedule Guide

During January 2023, Final Fantasy XIV players can participate in two bidding periods for the Housing Lottery System to obtain an in-game home.

While the Lottery System has improved some aspects regarding how Warriors of Light purchase estate in Final Fantasy XIV, acquiring a place to call home can still be a challenging endeavor, especially for newcomers. For those unfamiliar, the Lottery System, as its name suggests, functions as a raffle-style means of obtaining a house or plot of land. However, this procedure is not conducted arbitrarily. Instead, players are given an Entry Period, during which they can place their ticket bids for a particular location. Conversely, the Results Period will reveal who can claim their winning tickets.


As of Patch 6.3 in Final Fantasy XIV in January 2023, the Entry Period or bidding process has already commenced on the 15th. This period will continue until January 20th at 6:59 AM PST, after which players will receive news on if their ticket has won the bid.

This period of bid results being revealed will continue until January 24th at 6:59 AM PST. Those who missed the opportunity to bid until January 20th will be given a second chance on January 24th. Like the first Entry Period, players will be given five days to perform all their bidding.

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Bidding on Houses in FFXIV 6.3

Player Flying on a Store Mount Looking for Land to Buy in FFXIV

According to users at Final Fantasy XIV users at Fanbyte, the Results Period for the Lottery System’s Schedule will end on February 2nd at 6:59 AM PST. Since the system is based on RNG, there will be many winners and those who lost. Those who did not win can still have another go during the next cycle; however, they should remember to reclaim their deposits within 90 days.

For previously occupied plots to become available, the original owners must have transferred their plots, left the server, or been absent from their homes for 45 days. If any three of these conditions have been met, the unoccupied land or home will be available in the following Lottery System’s Schedule.

Finding a home can be extremely time-consuming in Final Fantasy XIV, and losing a bid after all the planning and research can be devasting. Therefore, YouTuber Bubbins has suggested that players save hours of their time by using a website and corresponding FFXIV plugin known as “PaissaDB.”

This site can be used to instantly check what housing plots are available without prior research, and users can then visit the plot to see the current bids for the plot. Afterward, they head to the district’s bidding board and place their ticket for a chance to win the plot in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Source: Fanbyte | YouTube/Bubbins | PaissaDB

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